로커스상 1986

【SF Novel】
수상작 「집배원」The Postman /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
「엔더의 게임」Ender's Game /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card) →가서원(절판),시공사(절판),루비박스
Footfall 래리 니븐(Larry Niven) & 제리 파네루(Jerry Pournelle)
「로봇과 제국」Robots and Empire 아이작 아시모프(Isaac Asimov)→현대정보문화사
Helliconia Winter / (Brian W. Aldiss)
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls /로버트.A 하인라인(Robert A. Heinlein)
Dinner at Deviant's Palace /팀 파워스(Tim Powers)
Brightness Falls from the Air /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
Cuckoo's Egg / (C. J. Cherryh)
Always Coming Home /어슐라.K 르귄(Ursula K. Le Guin)
「블러드 뮤직」Blood Music /그랙 베어(Greg Bear)→청담사(절판)
Eon /그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
The Proteus Operation / (James P. Hogan)
The Kif Strike Back / (C. J. Cherryh)
「컨택트」 Contact /컬 세이건(Carl Sagan) →사이언스 북스
Artifact /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
The Memory of Whiteness/ (Kim Stanley Robinson)
「스키즈 매트릭스」 Schismatrix /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling) →시공사(절판)

Between the Strokes of Night / (Charles Sheffield)
Chapterhouse: Dune /프랭크 하바트(Frank Herbert)황금가지

Ancient of Days /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Emprise / (Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
Dayworld /필립 호세 파마(Philip José Farmer)
Child of Fortune / (Norman Spinrad)
Tom O'Bedlam /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Starquake / (Robert L. Forward)
Kiteworld / (Keith Roberts)
The Remaking of Sigmund Freud / (Barry N. Malzberg)
Five-Twelfths of Heaven / (Melissa Scott)
The Darkling Wind / (Somtow Sucharitkul)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 Trumps of Doom /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
The Book of Kells / (R. A. MacAvoy)
Dragonsbane / (Barbara Hambly)
「뱀파이어 레스터」 The Vampire Lestat /앤 라이스(Anne Rice)→여울기획(절판),큰나무

Lyonesse: The Green Pearl / (Jack Vance)
The King's Justice / (Katherine Kurtz)
The Summer Tree / (Guy Gavriel Kay)
The Dream Years / (Lisa Goldstein)
With a Tangled Skein/ (Piers Anthony)
Dark of the Moon /(P. C. Hodgell)
Silverthorn / (Raymond E. Feist)
Mulengro / (Charles de Lint)
Lovecraft's Book/ (Richard A. Lupoff)
Brokedown Palace /(Steven Brust)
The Damnation Game / (Clive Barker)
The Wishsong of Shannara / (Terry Brooks)
Wizard of the Pigeons /(Megan Lindholm)
In Yana, the Touch of Undying (Michael Shea)
The Last Rainbow / (Parke Godwin)
Things Invisible to See/ (Nancy Willard)
The Song of Mavin Manyshaped / (Sheri S. Tepper)
Wings of Flame / (Nancy Springer)
The Bronze King / (Suzy McKee Charnas)
Marianne, the Magus, and the Manticore / (Sheri S. Tepper)

수상작 The Only Neat Thing to Do / 제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
Sailing to Byzantium /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Green Mars / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
The Plague Star /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
24 Views of Mt. Fuji, by Hokusai /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
The Scapegoat / (C. J. Cherryh)
Loaves and Fishes /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
To the Storming Gulf /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Green Days in Brunei /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
World War Last / (Norman Spinrad)
The Gorgon Field /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
The Curse of Kings /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
When Winter Ends / (Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
How the Wind Spoke at Madaket / (Lucius Shepard)
Duke Pasquale's Ring / (Avram Davidson)
George Washington Slept Here / (Charles L. Harness)
Flight / (Peter Dickinson)
Talion / (John Brunner)

수상작 Paladin of the Lost Hour / (Harlan Ellison)
The Fringe /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
Portraits of His Children /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
The Jaguar Hunter / (Lucius Shepard)
Dogfight / (Michael Swanwick) & (William Gibson)
Under Siege /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
All My Darling Daughters /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
A Gift from the Gray Landers /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Road Not Taken / (Harry Turtledove)
Storming the Cosmos /루디 러커(Rudy Rucker) & 블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
A Spanish Lesson / (Lucius Shepard)
The Things That Happen /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Mercurial / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
The End of Life as We Know It / (Lucius Shepard)
Kitemistress / (Keith Roberts)
Side Effects / (Walter Jon Williams)
The Slovo Stove / (Avram Davidson)
Vilest Beast / (Harry Turtledove)
Rockabye Baby /(S. C. Sykes)
Solstice / (James Patrick Kelly)
Shanidar/ (David Zindell)
O Happy Day! / (Geoff Ryman)
Unferno / (George Alec Effinger)
Vestibular Man/ (Felix C. Gotschalk)

【Short Story】
수상작 With Virgil Oddum at the East Pole / (Harlan Ellison)
Fermi and Frost /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Snow / (John Crowley)
Time's Rub /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Dinner in Audoghast /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling )
Mengele / (Lucius Shepard)
No Regrets / (Lisa Tuttle)
Flying Saucer Rock and Roll / (Howard Waldrop)
The Gods of Mars / (Gardner Dozois), (Jack Dann) & (Michael Swanwick)
"...How My Heart Breaks When I Sing This Song (Lucius Shepard)
Hong's Bluff / (William F. Wu)
Tourists / (Lisa Goldstein)
Sunrise on Pluto 로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Out of All Them Bright Stars / (Nancy Kress)
Paper Dragons / (James P. Blaylock)
The Transmigration of Philip K. / (Michael Swanwick)
Mozart in Mirrorshades /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling) & (Lewis Shiner)
My Life in the Jungle /(Jim Aikin)
The Poplar Street Study / (Karen Joy Fowler)
The Great Wall /(Wayne Wightman)
The Blind Minotaur / (Michael Swanwick)
The War at Home / (Lewis Shiner)
The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things / (Karen Joy Fowler)
The R Strain (Harry Turtledove)
Heirs of the Perisphere / (Howard Waldrop)
The Last Dragon Masters / (A. A. Attanasio)
The Bob Dylan Tambourine Software & Satori Support Services Consortium Ltd./ 마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)

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로커스상 1985

【SF Novel】
수상작 The Integral Trees /래리 니븐 (Larry Niven)
Demon //(John Varley)
Heechee Rendezvous /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Stars In My Pocket Like Grains of Sand //(Samuel R. Delany)
Chanur's Venture/(C. J. Cherryh)
Across the Sea of Suns /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
West of Eden /(Harry Harrison)
「뉴로맨서」Neuromancer /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson) –청담사(절판),열음사(절판),황금가지
The Final Encyclopedia /고든•R•디크슨(Gordon R. Dickson)
City of Sorcery /(Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Icehenge //(Kim Stanley Robinson)
The Peace War /(Vernor Vinge)
World's End/(Joan D. Vinge)
Clay's Ark //(Octavia E. Butler)
The Adversary //(Julian May)
The Wild Shore/(Kim Stanley Robinson)
「듄 사막의 이단자」 Heretics of Dune /프랭크 허버트(Frank Herbert)

Emergence/ (David R. Palmer)
A Day for Damnation /(David Gerrold)
Native Tongue/ (Suzette Haden Elgin)
Green Eyes/ /(Lucius Shepard)
Free Live Free/ 진•울프(Gene Wolfe)
Star Rebel /(F. M. Busby)
Dr. Adder /(K. W. Jeter)
The Man Who Melted //(Jack Dann)
The Glamour /(Christopher Priest)
The Practice Effect /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Steam Bird/(Hilbert Schenck)
Them Bones /(Howard Waldrop)
Circumpolar! /(Richard A. Lupoff)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 Job: A Comedy of Justice /로버트•A•하인라인(Robert A. Heinlein)
수상작 Vampire Junction / (S. P. Somtow)

Damiano's Lute / (R. A. MacAvoy)
Raphael/ (R. A. MacAvoy)
The Talisman /스티븐 킹(Stephen King) & (Peter Straub)
The Infinity Concerto /그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
Gilgamesh the King /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Ladies of Mandrigyn/ Barbara Hambly)
Enchanter's End Game / (David Eddings)
The Businessman / (Thomas M. Disch)
Bearing an Hourglass / (Piers Anthony)
Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn / (Piers Anthony)
Castle of Wizardry / (David Eddings)
Mythago Wood //(Robert Holdstock)
Who Made Stevie Crye? /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Cards of Grief / (Jane Yolen)
The Hero and the Crown / (Robin McKinley)
Maia / (Richard Adams)
Nights at the Circus/ (Angela Carter)
Brisingamen/ (Diana L. Paxson)
Moonheart / (Charles de Lint)
The Third Book of Swords / (Fred Saberhagen)
Fire and Hemlock/ (Diana Wynne Jones)
Half a Sky / (R. A. Lafferty)
The Ceremonies (T. E. D. Klein)
The Bishop's Heir / (Katherine Kurtz)
The Beggar Queen / (Lloyd Alexander)

수상작 Press Enter[]/ (John Varley)
The Scapegoat (C. J. Cherryh)
The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
The Blister/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
A Traveler's Tale / (Lucius Shepard)
Trinity / (Nancy Kress)
Marrow Death / (Michael Swanwick)
Young Doctor Eszterhazy / (Avram Davidson)
The Sweet Sad Queen of the Grazing Isles/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
In the Sumerian Marshes /(Gerald Pearce)
The Greening of Bed-Stuy /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
The Unconquered Country / (Geoff Ryman)
Some Are Born Great /(J. A. Lawrence)
Cyclops /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Floodtide (Ben Bova)

수상작  Bloodchild / (Octavia E. Butler)
The Man Who Painted the Dragon Griaule / (Lucius Shepard)
Blued Moon /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
The Lucky Strike (Kim Stanley Robinson)
With a Little Help From Her Friends /마이클•비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Kindly Isle /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Silicon Muse /(Hilbert Schenck)
Summer Solstice / (Charles L. Harness)
Bad Medicine / (Jack Dann)
Black Coral / (Lucius Shepard)
Foreign Skins / (Tanith Lee)
Freedom Beach (John Kessel) & (James Patrick Kelly)
Trojan Horse / (Michael Swanwick)
Draco Draco / (Tanith Lee)
Demon Lover /(M. Sargent MacKay)
Promises to Keep / (Jack McDevitt)
Slowly & Slowly in the Wind/(Rob Chilson)
A Message to the King to Brobdingnag/ (Richard Cowper)
Twilight Time / (Lewis Shiner)
Three Days/ (Tanith Lee)
Another One Hits the Road / (Pat Cadigan)
Five Mercies/(Michael Conner)
We Remember Babylon /이언 와트슨(Ian Watson)

【Short Story】
Winner Salvador / (Lucius Shepard)
The Crystal Spheres /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
The Aliens Who Knew, I Mean,Everything/ (George Alec Effinger)
A Cabin on the Coast/ 진 울프(Gene Wolfe)
Bright Burning Tiger / (Tanith Lee)
Ridge Running / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Criticality/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Armageddon Between Sets/ (Edward Bryant)
The Map/ 진•울프(Gene Wolfe)
A Troll and Two Roses / (Patricia A. McKillip)
Tourist Trade /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Kitemaster / (Keith Roberts)
Dinner Party /가드너 드조와(Gardner Dozois)
Sunken Gardens /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Bodies / (Joanna Russ)
Out of Time / (Ben Bova)
At the Embassy Club / (Elizabeth A. Lynn)
Fears / (Pamela Sargent)
New Rose Hotel /윌리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
Heat of Fusion / (John M. Ford)
When the Music's Over... / (Michael Swanwick)
Morning Child /가드너 드조와(Gardner Dozois)
The Affair /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Gods in Flight / (Brian W. Aldiss)
Strangeness & Charm and Spin /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
The Eichman Variations / (George Zebrowski)
On Cannon Beach / (Marta Randall)
Helpless & Helpless / (Howard Waldrop)
The Scent of Silverdill / (Richard Cowper)
Crow/ (James Patrick Kelly)
Barking Dogs /(Terence M. Green)

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로커스상 1984

【SF Novel】
수상작 「떠오르는 태양」Startide Rising /데이비드 브린(David Brin) –움직이는 책(절판)
「새벽의 로봇」The Robots of Dawn /아이작 아시모프(Isaac Asimov) – 현대정보문화사

Millennium / (John Varley)
Helliconia Summer/ (Brian W. Aldiss)
The Void Captain's Tale/ (Norman Spinrad)
Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern/ (Anne McCaffrey)
Thendara House / (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Against Infinity/ 그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Orion Shall Rise /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
The Nonborn King / (Julian May)
Superluminal / (Vonda N. McIntyre)
Welcome, Chaos/ (Kate Wilheim)
The Crucible of Time / (John Brunner)
Worlds Apart /죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman)
Valentine Pontifex /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Gods of Riverworld /필립 호세 파마(Philip José Farmer)
The Citadel of the Autarch /진•울프(Gene Wolfe)
Forty Thousand in Gehenna / (C. J. Cherryh)
A Matter for Men / (David Gerrold)
The Birth of the People's Republic of Antarctica /(John Calvin Batchelor)
Wall Around a Star /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl) & (Jack Williamson)
Golden Witchbreed /(Mary Gentle)
Broken Symmetries /(Paul Preuss)
Roderick at Random /(John Sladek)
There Is No Darkness/ 죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman) & (Jack C. Haldeman II)
Code of the Lifemaker / (James P. Hogan)
Tik-Tok / (John Sladek)
Transformer/ (M. A. Foster)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Mists of Avalon / (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
「아누비스의 문」The Anubis Gates/ 팀 파워스(Tim Powers) -웅진지식하우스
The Armageddon Rag /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Lyonesse / (Jack Vance)
White Gold Wielder / (Stephen R. Donaldson)
Christine /스티븐•킹(Stephen King)
Pet Sematary /스티븐•킹(Stephen King)
The Dreamstone/ (C. J. Cherryh)
Damiano / (R. A. MacAvoy)
Neveryona / (Samuel R. Delany)
Dragon on a Pedestal / (Piers Anthony)
Hart's Hope /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
Cugel's Saga / (Jack Vance)
The Sword of Winter / (Marta Randall)
Tea with the Black Dragon/ (R. A. MacAvoy)
Magician's Gambit / (David Eddings)
The Tree of Swords and Jewels / (C. J. Cherryh)
On a Pale Horse / (Piers Anthony)
Floating Dragon / (Peter Straub)
「끝없는 이야기」The Neverending Story /미카엘•엔데(Michael Ende) -비룡소외
Anackire / (Tanith Lee)
The Dragon Waiting / (John M. Ford)
Sung in Shadow / (Tanith Lee)
Ware Hawk! / (Andre Norton)
The Silent Gondoliers (S. Morgenstern/ (William Goldman))
The Sword Is Forged/ (Evangeline Walton)

수상작 Her Habiline Husband /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Cascade Point / (Timothy Zahn)
Seeking /(David R. Palmer)
Homefaring /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Hardfought/ 그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
Hurricane Claude / (Hilbert Schenck)
The Gospel According to Gamaliel Crucis /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Lord of the Skies/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
The Curse of the Smalls and the Stars / (Fritz Leiber)
In the Face of My Enemy /(Joseph H. Delaney)
Gilpin's Space/ (R. Bretnor)
Aquila Meets Bigfoot / (Somtow Sucharitkul)
Eszterhazy and the Autogondola-Invention / (Avram Davidson)

수상작 The Monkey Treatment /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Black Air/ (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Slow Birds /이언 와트슨(Ian Watson)
「블래드•뮤직 단편판」 Blood Music /그랙 베어(Greg Bear) - 움직이는 책(절판)
Street Meat / (Norman Spinrad)
The Sidon in the Mirror /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Multiples /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Black Current /이언 와트슨(Ian Watson)
The Invasion of the Church of the Holy Ghost /(Russell Kirk)
The Final Report on the Lifeline Experiment / (Timothy Zahn)
The Monkey's Bride /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Mind of Medea/ 케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
Blind Shemmy/ (Jack Dann)
And the Marlin Spoke/ 마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Remembering Siri/ 댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Cicada Queen/블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Into Whose Hands / (Karl Edward Wagner)
Belling Martha / (Leigh Kennedy)
Red Star, Winter Orbit /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling) & 윌리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
In Whose Name Do We Seek the Quark?/ (Thomas Dulski)
Nunc Dimittis / (Tanith Lee)
A Simple Case of Suicide / (Marc Stiegler)
The Hills Behind Hollywood High /(Avram Davidson) & (Grania Davis)
Deep Song/ (R. Bretnor)
Life on the Tether/ (Mark Wheeler)
A Day in the Life of Justin Argento Morrell/ (Greg Frost)

【Short Story】
수상작 Beyond the Dead Reef /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
The Peacemaker /가드너 드조와(Gardner Dozois)
Spending a Day at the Lottery Fair/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Servant of the People/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Speech Sounds / (Octavia E. Butler)
Spook/ 블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
The Geometry of Narrative / (Hilbert Schenck)
Wong's Lost and Found Emporium / (William F. Wu)
Her Furry Face/ (Leigh Kennedy)
Brothers / (Richard Cowper)
Amanda and the Alien /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Solitario's Eyes/ (Lucius Shepard)
Needle in a Timestack/ 로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Stone Eggs / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Golden Gate / (R. A. Lafferty)
Potential/ 아이작 아시모프(Isaac Asimov)
Man-Mountain Gentian / (Howard Waldrop)
La Ronde/ (Damon Knight)
Revisions / (Gordon Eklund)
Basileus/ 로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Man Outside 1O. Niemand / (George Alec Effinger)
CallLink4(Cathy)/ (Cherie Wilkerson)

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로커스상 1983

【SF Novel】
수상작 「파운데이션의 저 쪽」 Foundation's Edge /아이작 아시모프(Isaac Asimov) –현대문화 정보사
「2010년 우주의 여행」 2010: Odyssey Two /아서.C 클럭(Arthur C. Clarke) –모음사(절판)
「프라이 데이」 Friday /로버트.A 하인라인(Robert A. Heinlein) –시공사

The Pride of Chanur / (C. J. Cherryh)
Courtship Rite /(Donald Kingsbury)
Helliconia Spring / (Brian W. Aldiss)
The Crystal Singer / (Anne McCaffrey)
Starburst /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Merchanter's Luck / (C. J. Cherryh)
Life, the Universe and Everything /더글라스•아담스(Douglas Adams)
The Golden Torc / (Julian May)
Hawkmistress! / (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Roderick / (John Sladek)
No Enemy But Time /마이클비숍(Michael Bishop)
Eye of Cat /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
The Descent of Anansi /래리 니븐(Larry Niven) & (Steven Barnes)
Mindkiller / (Spider Robinson)
A Rose for Armageddon /(Hilbert Schenck)
The White Plague /프랭크 허버트(Frank Herbert)
Coils / (Roger Zelazny) & (Fred Saberhagen)
Wintermind /(Marvin Kaye) & 파크 고드윈(Parke Godwin)
Birthright: The Book of Man /마이크 레즈닉(Mike Resnick)
Aurelia / (R. A. Lafferty)
Light on the Sound / (Somtow Sucharitkul)
Nor Crystal Tears / (Alan Dean Foster)
The Fall of the Shell (Paul Williams)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Sword of the Lictor /진 울프(Gene Wolfe)
The Citadel of the Autarch /진 울프(Gene Wolfe)
Fevre Dream /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
The One Tree /(Stephen R. Donaldson)
The Transmigration of Timothy Archer /필립•K•딕(Philip K. Dick)
Ogre, Ogre / (Piers Anthony)
Tempting Fate/ (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
Centaur Aisle / (Piers Anthony)
Juxtaposition / (Piers Anthony)
Oh, Susannah /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
Pawn of Prophecy / (David Eddings)
Elfstones of Shannara/ (Terry Brooks)
The Black Beast / (Nancy Springer)
The Swordbearer / (Glen Cook)
In Winter's Shadow /(Gillian Bradshaw)
In Viriconium / (M. John Harrison)
The Delicate Dependency /(Michael Talbot)
The Blue Sword / (Robin McKinley)
The Bloodwind / (Charles L. Grant)

수상작 Souls / (Joanna Russ)
Unsound Variations /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Thesme and the Ghayrog /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
「집배원 」 The Postman /데이비드•브린(David Brin)
Horrible Imaginings / (Fritz Leiber)
Another Orphan / (John Kessel)
The Fishing of the Demon Sea / (Michael Shea)
The Breathing Method /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
The Devil of Malkirk /찰즈 셰필드(Charles Sheffield)
To Leave a Mark / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Brainchild / (Joseph H. Delaney)
Rats in the Moon / (Pauline Ashwell)
Beyond All Measure/ (Karl Edward Wagner)
Moon of Ice /(Brad Linaweaver)
The Magi /(Damien Broderick)

수상작 Djinn & No Chaser / (Harlan Ellison)
Willow / (C. J. Cherryh)
Myths of the Near Future /J•G•발라드(J. G. Ballard)
「화재감시원」 Fire Watch /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis) –시간여행sf걸작선/고려원(절판)

High Steel / (Jack C. Haldeman II) & (Jack Dann)
Swarm / (Bruce Sterling)
The Gorgon / (Tanith Lee)
Pawn's Gambit/ (Timothy Zahn)
Flare Time /래리 니븐 (Larry Niven)
Understanding Human Behavior / (Thomas M. Disch)
Nightlife/ (Phyllis Eisenstein)
The Pope of the Chimps /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Aquila / (Somtow Sucharitkul)
The Raft/ (Stephen King)
Come Then, Mortal & We Will Seek Her Soul / (Michael Shea)
Farmer on the Dole /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Burning Chrome /윌리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
The Little Dirty Girl / (Joanna Russ)
Relativistic Effects /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
A Private Whale / (Brian W. Aldiss)
Blind Windows / (Garry Kilworth)
Helen ∓ Whose Face Launched Twenty-Eight Conestoga Hovercraft / (Leigh Kennedy)

【Short Story】
수상작 Sur /어슐라.K 르귄(Ursula K. Le Guin)
The Boy Who Waterskied to Forever /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
Spider Rose / (Bruce Sterling)
God's Hooks / (Howard Waldrop)
Melancholy Elephants/ (Spider Robinson)
Petra 그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
A Letter from the Clearys/ 코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Dr. Bhumbo Singh / (Avram Davidson)
The Scourge / (James White)
The Man Who Met Picasso / (Michael Swanwick)
It Grows On You /스티븐킹(Stephen King)
The Sorceress in Spite of Herself / (Pat Cadigan)
The Theology of Water /(Hilbert Schenck)
The Horror on the #33 / (Michael Shea)
Blair House/ (Barry N. Malzberg)
Ike at the Mike/ (Howard Waldrop)
Coexistence /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Gianni /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Written in Water / (Tanith Lee)
The Garden of the Cognoscenti / (Michael P. Kube-McDowell)
Kitemaster / (Keith Roberts)
Corridors / (Barry N. Malzberg)
The Broken Hoop / (Pamela Sargent)
The Comedian / (Timothy R. Sullivan)
Poems to Play on the Piccolo /(George Chesbro)
The River Styx Runs Upstream /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Meet Me At Apogee /(Bill Johnson)
What in Solemn Silence / (Charles L. Grant)

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로커스상 1982

【SF Novel】
수상작 The Many-Colored Land / (Julian May)
Windhaven /죠지.R.R 마틴(George R. R. Martin) & (Lisa Tuttle)
Downbelow Station / (C. J. Cherryh)
Dream Park /래리 니븐(Larry Niven) & 스티븐 번즈(Steven Barnes)
Project Pope /크리포드.D 시막(Clifford D. Simak)
「듄 -사막의 황제」 God Emperor of Dune /프랭크 허버트(Frank Herbert) –풀빛(절판),황금가지

The Cool War /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Sharra's Exile / (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Oath of Fealty /래리 니븐(Larry Niven) & 제리 파네루(Jerry Pournelle)
Riddley Walker /(Russell Hoban)
The Divine Invasion /필립•K•딕(Philip K. Dick)
The Book of Dreams / (Jack Vance)
The Sardonyx Net / (Elizabeth A. Lynn)
King David's Spaceship/ 제리 파네루(Jerry Pournelle)
Worlds /죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman)
At the Eye of the Ocean / (Hilbert Schenck)
Radix / (A. A. Attanasio)
The Unreasoning Mask /필립•호세•파마(Philip José Farmer)
Voyagers / (Ben Bova)
Dream Dancer/ (Janet Morris)
The Pride of Chanur / (C. J. Cherryh)
The Dreamers / (James E. Gunn)
Twelve Fair Kingdoms /(Suzette Haden Elgin)
Giants' Star / (James P. Hogan)
The Affirmation / (Christopher Priest)
Deathhunter / (Ian Watson)
Valis /필립•K•딕(Philip K. Dick)
Lilith / (Jack L. Chalker)
Systemic Shock/ (Dean Ing)
In the Hands of Glory / (Phyllis Eisenstein)
Wave Without a Shore / (C. J. Cherryh)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Claw of the Conciliator/ 진 울프(Gene Wolfe)
Little, Big / (John Crowley)
「변화의 땅 」 The Changing Land 러저 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)

The War Hound and the World's Pain /마이클 무아콕(Michael Moorcock)
The Captive / (Robert Stallman)
Camber the Heretic / (Katherine Kurtz)
The Keep/ (F. Paul Wilson)
Horn Crown / (Andre Norton)
A Sense of Shadow /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
Lycanthia / (Tanith Lee)
Path of the Eclispe / (Chelsea Quinn Yarbro)
Delusion's Master / (Tanith Lee)
Peregrine: Secundus/ (Avram Davidson)
Kingdom of Summer /(Gillian Bradshaw)
Esbae: A Winter's Tale/ (Linda Haldeman)
Behind the Wind / (Patricia Wrightson)
The Sable Moon / (Nancy Springer)
Madwand /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
Gryphon in Glory / (Andre Norton)
Too Long a Sacrifice / (Mildred Downey Broxon)
「쿠죠」 Cujo /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
Blue Adept / (Piers Anthony)

수상작 Blue Champagne / (John Varley)
The Saturn Game /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
In the Western Tradition / (Phyllis Eisenstein)
The Desert of Stolen Dreams /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
With Delicate Mad Hands /제임스 팁트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
Polyphemus / (Michael Shea두)
Ealdwood / (C. J. Cherryh)
True Names/ (Vernor Vinge)
The Winter Beach /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilheim)
With Thimbles & With Forks and Hope/케이트 윌헬름 (Kate Wilheim)
Swarmer & Skimmer /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Emergence /(David R. Palmer)
The Venetian Court / (Charles L. Harness)
Amnesia / (Jack Dann)
The Loom of Thessaly / (David Brin)
Petals of Rose / (Marc Stiegler)
Which Way to the Ends of Time ? / (Michael McCollum)
Through All Your Houses Wandering / (Ted Reynolds)

Winner Guardians /죠지.R.R 마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Unicorn Variation /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
The Thermals of August / (Edward Bryant)
The Haunted Tower / (C. J. Cherryh)
Out of the Everywhere /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
The Fire When It Comes /파크 고드윈(Parke Godwin)
Murder on Lupozny Station /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop) & (Gerald W. Page)
Elric at the End of Time 마이클 무아콕(Michael Moorcock)
Lirios: A Tale of the Quintana Roo /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
The Quickening /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Giftie Gie Us / (Timothy Zahn)
A Thousand Paces Along the Via Dolorosa /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Mummer Kiss / (Michael Swanwick)
Vox Olympica /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Summer's Dust / (Pamela Sargent)
H-Tec / (Charles L. Harness)
Stuff of Dreams / (Lewis Shiner)
These Stones Will Remember/ (R. Bretnor)
Waiting for the Earthquake /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
「죠니 메모리」Johnny Mnemonic /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
Walden Three / (Michael Swanwick)
Mythago Wood / (Robert Holdstock)
Going Under / (Jack Dann)
Blind Spot / (Jayge Carr)
Shadows on the Cave Wall / (Nancy Kress)
Blue Apes / (Phyllis Gotlieb)
Werewind /(J. Michael Reaves)
A Thief in Ni-Moya /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)

【Short Story】
수상작 The Pusher/ (John Varley)
Serpent's Teeth / (Spider Robinson)
The Needle Men /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
The Only Death in the City / (C. J. Cherryh)
Remembering Melody /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
The Woman the Unicorn Loved /진 울프(Gene Wolfe)
Exposures /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
The Quiet /(George Florance-Guthridge)
The Palace at Midnight /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Absent Thee from Felicity Awhile / (Somtow Sucharitkul)
Executive Clemency / (Gardner Dozois) & (Jack C. Haldeman II)
The Regulars /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Walk the Ice / (Mildred Downey Broxon)
Forever demon/ (Damon Knight)
The Shroud / (Michael McCollum)
Disciples /가드너 드조와(Gardner Dozois)
Venice Drowned / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Second Comings Reasonable Rates/ (Pat Cadigan)
The Softest Hammer / (Charles Sheffield)
The Grown-Up / (Thomas M. Disch)
Hinterlands /윌리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
The Coming of the Doll/ (Pat Cadigan)
Mud & Aurora /(D. D. Storm)
The Gernsback Continuum /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
The Bone Flute / (Lisa Tuttle)
Casey's Empire / (Nancy Kress)
Altamira / (Carter Scholz)
On the Slab / (Harlan Ellison)

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