Hpnotiq Liqueur

A blend of vodka, cognac and tropical fruit juice. Unique and irresistibly different. 17% ABV.

 Baileys Mint Chocolate

 Baileys Creme Caramel


 Chartreuse Green

This 132 secret herb recipe made by Monks in France is great over ice, in cocktails or mixed with juices

 Chartreuse Yellow


Dramblue is clear to medium brown in colour, It has an aroma of complex, herbal aromatics witha hint of wood. It is not too sweet, with herbal and fine old matured wood flavours. It has a lovely long lasting finish


This legendary liqueur is distilled from oranges to create a refreshing aromatic spirit.

프랑스에서 오렌지 껍질로 만든 리큐어.

쿠앵트로(cointreau)는 오렌지 껍질로 만든 무색의 프랑스산 리큐어로서 도수는 40%(proof 80)이다. 쿠앵트로는 일명 오렌지술이라고도 하는데, 화이트 큐라소(white curacao) 중에서는 최고급품으로 단맛이 강하며 부드러운 맛과 향 때문에 케이크나 디저트를 만들 때 널리 이용되고 있다. 1849년 아돌프 쿠앵트로(Adolphe Cointreau)에 의해 프랑스에서 만들기 시작하였으며, 그 후 쿠앵트로 집안의 형제들에 의해 만들어졌으나 제조 방법이 노출되어 미국에서도 만들고 있다.

 Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge

코냑에 오렌지 향을 가미한 프랑스산 리큐어.

1827년부터 생산되기 시작한 그랑 마니에르(grand marnier)는 3~4년 숙성한 코냑(cognac)에 오렌지 향을 가미한 40도의 프랑스산 혼성주의 일종이다. 오렌지 껍질을 증류해서 만든 큐라소(curacao) 계열의 리큐어(liqueur) 중에서 가장 최고급 리큐어 중의 하나이다. 진한 금색의 그랑 마니에르는 오렌지의 진한 향과 더불어 코냑과 함께 증류하였기 때문에 깊은 맛과 혀가 아릿해지는 강렬한 맛이 특징이다. 그랑 마니에르는 차갑게 하여 스트레이트나 언더락으로 얼음을 넣어 마시기도 하지만 각종 칵테일이나 요리를 만들 때 이용하기도 한다.

Grand Marnier Louis Alexandre

70cl / 40% - A new drier version of Grand Marnier, made with fine old cognac and essence of wild bitter oranges.

Grand Marnier 150 Year NA

Review: A limited edition of Grand Marnier celebrating the 150th anniversary of the creation of the company by founder Jean-Baptiste Lapostolle. This exceptional cuvee was created in 1977. Deep amber / copper tones. Complex powerful aroma. Majestuous combination of cognac and orange. Complex taste with wood and vanilla accents. Exceptionally long and lingering after-taste.

Grand Marnier 100 Year NA
Review: A smooth and elegant blend of cognacs, primarily Fine Champagne, aged up to 25 years, distilled essence of wild tropical oranges and the Marnier secret. The liqueur will acquire its full finess and roundness after a minimum ageing of 2 years in oak vats. Tasting NotesRich amber tones.Well-balanced, elegant aroma.Harmonious combination of cognac and orange.Harmonious, elegant taste.Long, lingering after-taste

de Kuyper Triple Sec


A complex composition gives every sip of Frangelico a unique taste, always smooth and warming, well balanced and full in the mouth.

 Galliano Liquore

 Galliano Sambuca White

 Galliano Sambuca Black

  Galliano Amaretto



Kahlua is made from cane spirit and premium Mexican coffee beans balanced with a hint of vanilla.


 Midori Melon

The original melon liqueur, renowned for it's versatility


Malibu is perfect mixed with your favourite juices, cola or on its own.

 Tia Maria

Tia Maria is delicately flavoured with the finest Jamaican coffee, vanilla and sugar.

 Opal Nera

Opal Nera comes from the delicate blend of the skins of a rare variety of lemon, elderflowers and elderberries which provide the anise (liquorice) taste.

 Opal Bianca

A premium quality white sambuca with a smooth lemon flavoured taste, made from all natural ingrediants.

 Pimms No 1

Pimm's is the ideal long drink. Strongly associated with social occasions, its established British heritage sets it apart from other brands as a more authentic, stylish drink. 


Pernod is an internationally renowned product distributed in over 140 countries. Pernod is an unique French anise based liqueur that was first produced in 1805.


Campari is a superior quality premium spirit that has a dry, full bittersweet flavour. The unique and distinctive taste makes Campari a great aperitif or versatile cocktail - try it with pink grapefruit juice or a Campari Cosmopolitan! 

 Sambuca di Amore

Godiva Liqueur Chocolate



 Alize Rose

Amaretto di Saronno Liqueur

 Zambello Sambuca Rossa

Chateau Monet Chateau Pomari


 Dekuyper Brandy Apricot

Brandy Apricot

A blend of various herbs and selected cognacs bring out the best in the flavour and aroma of the finest apricots. Enriched with a hint of almond, this amber coloured liqueur is one of Bols most popular liqueurs.


A mild aroma of juicy apricots.

Distinctly apricot with a hint of cognac and almond. It has a light clean taste.

 Dekuyper Liqueur Creme de Menthe Green

 Dekuyper Liqueur Creme de Cacao White

 Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur

Dry and peppery, with hints of pistachio in the aroma. This liqueur has a big, buttery body and a palate that bursts with flavor of nuts, candied violets, and sweet butter.

 Bols Maraschino Liqueur

The name Maraschino is derived from the Marasca cherry, grown in orchards in Yugoslavia. Bols Maraschino is made from the well-known Schwarzwalder Kirsch. The traditional taste of Bols Maraschino is derived from a blend of fermented and distilled cherries and a selection of herbs.


Fresh with a light hue of kirsch distillate.

Intense and complex flavour with kirsch binding all the components together.

Straight, on the rocks, as a flavouring accent in desserts, excellent in cocktails or in any other mixed drink.

Dekuyper Schnapps Buttershots


Marie Brizard Amaretto


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