Bombay Sapphire

It goes through a unique distillation process. It has subtle and fresh, yet appealingly intense aromatics.

  Christies London Dry Gin

Christie's London Dry Gin is distilled four times to achieve its unparalleled smoothness and luxury. The finest natural ingredients and classic juniper aromas add a depth and flavour that is balanced with well rounded citrus overtones.

 Christies New Zealand Green Crisp Gin

A blend of classic and uniquely New Zealand botanicals are quadruple distilled to provide a heightened citrus flavour. Horopito and Kawakawa add undiscovered warmth and roundness to this premium gin.


Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s is a premium gin made with a number of unusual twists to deliver a most curious arrangement.

Hendrick's Gin ( 699 크라운) - 스코틀랜드 진

핸드릭 진을 마실때 일반적으로 가니쉬를 레몬으로 하는데, 핸드릭스는 오이로 장식을 한다고 합니다.

Bombay Sapphire (399 크라운)

Beefeater Gin ( 349 크라운)

Beefeater London Dry Gin is the world’s leading brand of premium imported gin, made today with the same secret recipe that dates back to 1820. The only premium London Dry Gin still made in London, Beefeater’s difference is defined by its complex recipe using high-quality, exotic botanicals from throughout the world, a skilful distilling process and the quality and consistency of production that determines Beefeater’s unique, exceptional taste. Beefeater uses only the finest botanicals to produce a distinctively dry and aromatic gin. With its refreshingly crisp quality, and subtle citrus and fruit edge, this premium gin is worthy of its title as the world’s number one premium imported gin.
The making of Beefeater London Dry Gin begins with the production of the alcohol, made from only the choicest maize, harvested at the height of its maturity, and carefully blended with selected strains of barley to produce a pure grain spirit, which gives Beefeater its uniquely clean taste. Botanicals are then added -- juniper berries from Italy; coriander seeds from Romania, Russia and Bulgaria; orange and lemon peels from Spain; Angelica root and seed from Flanders; as well as other secret ingredients known only to the Burrough family.
Beefeater steeps its gin longer than any other gin-maker, infusing the spirit and botanicals together to produce a fully rounded flavour. During the distillation process each of the botanical flavours is released at a different stage. A distilled gin must, according to the law, be distilled in a gin still in the presence of botanicals or other natural ingredients, of which the dominant ingredient must be juniper berries. Beefeater has won the Gold Medal from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2003 and was named #1 Gin by The New York Times.


Godon's Gin ( 349 크라운)


Gordon's Gin is zesty, clean and dry on the palate with a long, full juniper finish.

 Gilbeys Gin

Gilbey's is an extremely versatile gin - the perfect base for thousands of cocktails.

Tanqueray Gin ( 699크라운) / Tanqueray Number 10 ( 1699 크라운)


Tanqueray offers a clean and crisp taste. It is both succulent and subtle with penetrating spicy layers enhanced by golden, lemony top notes.-

Tanqueray Rangpur Gin

Nature brought a Tanqueray twist to America’s favorite imported gin: India’s rare Rangpur lime. With the introduction of Rangpur, Tanqueray answers the call of young consumers – those evolving sophisticates seeking refined flavor in contemporary spirits. Tanqueray Rangpur offers a subtle gin taste with the juiciness of an orange and the zestiness of lime for effortless, versatile drinking that’s perfectly suited to fresh ingredients. Quadruple-distillation, micro-filtration and the infusion of nature’s finest botanicals produces exceptional smoothness in this unique gin. Super premium Tanqueray Rangpur is a classy, social tipple. The U.S. volume of Tanqueray gin is growing five times faster than the entire spirits category. Be part of the evolution. Experiment with Tanqueray Rangpur.

South Premium Gin

A hedonistic blend of botanicals, including kawa kawa leaves and manuka berries reflects the natural bounty of our NZ surroundings and the goodness within it.

Bluecoat Gin

Bluecoat is an American Dry Gin, unique in flavor profile and unsurpassed in character, five times distilled in the birthplace of America--Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Bluecoat American Dry Gin is craft distilled using organic juniper berries, giving it earthy, spicy juniper notes. When combined with a proprietary blend of organic American citrus peels and other organic botanicals, the result is a gin with a flavor worthy of the term American Premium. Bluecoat is distilled in a custom-built, hand-hammered copper pot still. A true batch distillation, the process calls for extremely slow heating of the pot, which allows for maxmimum separation of alcohols. Impurities are discarded, leaving on the purest, most flavorful alcohols. The result is a spirit that is intensely smooth and invigorating. No additives and all natural, organic botanicals and batch dstilled, Bluecoat American Dry Gin is a revolutionary spirit that is distinve and superior in character.

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