【SF Novel】
수상작 Barrayar /로이스 맥마스터 부죨드(Lois McMaster Bujold)
「제노사이드」Xenocide /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card) →시공사
Bone Dance / (Emma Bull)
The Summer Queen / (Joan D. Vinge)
All the Weyrs of Pern (Anne McCaffrey)
Stations of the Tide / (Michael Swanwick)
Heavy Time / (C. J. Cherryh)
The Dark Beyond the Stars / (Frank M. Robinson)
Synners / (Pat Cadigan)
Brain Child /(George Turner)
「라마 3」The Garden of Rama /아서•C•클럭(Arthur C. Clarke) & (Gentry Lee) → 고려원

Ecce and Old Earth / (Jack Vance)
A Woman of the Iron People/ (Eleanor Arnason)
Russian Spring/ (Norman Spinrad)
The Trinity Paradox / (Kevin J. Anderson) & (Doug Beason)
Death Qualified: A Mystery of Chaos /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilhelm)
The Illegal Rebirth of Billy the Kid /(Rebecca Ore)
The Ragged World /(Judith Moffett)
Carve the Sky /(Alexander Jablokov)
The Difference Engine /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson) & 블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Eternal Light /(Paul J. McAuley)
Buddy Holly Is Alive and Well on Ganymede / (Bradley Denton)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 Beauty / (Sheri S. Tepper)
The Little Country / (Charles de Lint)
Eight Skilled Gentlemen/ (Barry Hughart)
King of Morning, Queen of Day /이언 맥도날드(Ian McDonald)
The Rainbow Abyss / (Barbara Hambly)
The Hereafter Gang / (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
Witches Abroad/ (Terry Pratchett)
Riverrun (S. P. Somtow)
Outside the Dog Museum / (Jonathan Carroll)
King of the Dead / (R. A. MacAvoy)
Nothing Sacred / (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
The Sorceress and the Cygnet / (Patricia A. McKillip)
The Revenge of the Rose /마이클 무어콕(Michael Moorcock)
Cloven Hooves/ (Megan Lindholm)
The Magic Spectacles (James P. Blaylock)
The End-of-Everything Man /(Tom De Haven)
Flying Dutch/ (Tom Holt)
Elsewhere/ (Will Shetterly)
The White Mists of Power / (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
The Architecture of Desire/ (Mary Gentle)
Illusion / (Paula Volsky)

【Horror/Dark Fantasy Novel】
수상작 Summer of Night /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Imajica / (Clive Barker)
「암흑의 탑 III 황무지」The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
The M.D. / (Thomas M. Disch)
Blood Price /(Tanya Huff)
In the Blood (Nancy A. Collins)
The Cipher / (Kathe Koja)
Saint Peter's Wolf /(Michael Cadnum)
Mrs. God / (Peter Straub)
The Angel of Pain / (Brian Stableford)
Boy's Life / (Robert R. McCammon)
The Fetch / (Robert Holdstock)
Needful Things /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)

수상작 The Gallery of His Dreams / (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Beggars in Spain / (Nancy Kress)
Griffin's Egg / (Michael Swanwick)
Jack/ 코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Star of the Sea /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
And Wild for to Hold / (Nancy Kress)
Fetish / (Edward Bryant)
Desert Rain/ (Mark L. Van Name) & (Pat Murphy)
Our Lady of the Harbour / (Charles de Lint)
City of Truth / (James Morrow)
Outnumbering the Dead/ 프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
The Mill/ (Paul Di Filippo)
Candle / (Tony Daniel)
Canso de Fis de Jovent/ (John Baenes)

수상작 All Dracula's Children/ 댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Fin de Cycl e / (Howard Waldrop)
Matter's End /그레고리이 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
「골드 」Gold/ 아이작 아시모프(Isaac Asimov)→ 한뜻

Black Glass / (Karen Joy Fowler)
Miracle /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Over There /마이크 레즈닉(Mike Resnick)
What Continues & What Fails... /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
A History of the Twentieth Century with Illustrations / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Mairzy Doats / (Paul Di Filippo)
The Better Boy / (James P. Blaylock) & (Tim Powers)
Dispatches from the Revolution / (Pat Cadigan)
「이해」Understand /테드 창(Ted Chiang)
Traveling West / (Pat Murphy)
Living Will /(Alexander Jablokov)
What Eats You / (Norman Spinrad)
The Invisible Worm / (Brian Stableford)
The Return of Weird Frank / (Allen Steele)
A Tip on a Turtle /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Standing in Line with Mister Jimmy / (James Patrick Kelly)
The Happy Man/ (Jonathan Lethem)
Water Bringer /(Mary Rosenblum)
Snow on Sugar Mountain / (Elizabeth Hand)
Life Regarded as a Jigsaw Puzzle of Highly Lustrous Cats/ 마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
The Will of God (Keith Roberts)
The Ragthorn / (Robert Holdstock) & (Garry Kilworth)

【Short Story】
수상작 Buffalo / (John Kessel)
Daughter Earth / (James Morrow)
Vinland the Dream / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
In the Late Cretaceous/ 코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Press Ann /(Terry Bisson)
Angels in Love / (Kathe Koja)
Division by Zero/ 테드 창(Ted Chiang)
Blood Sisters /그랙 이건(Greg Egan)
The Dark / (Karen Joy Fowler)
Winter Solstice /마이크 레즈닉(Mike Resnick)
Dream Cargoes /J•G 발라드(J. G. Ballard)
Images /죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman)
One Perfect Morning, With Jackals/ 마이크 레즈닉(Mike Resnick)
An Outpost of the Empire /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Skinner's Room /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
Bright Light & Big City/ (Greg Costikyan)
True Love/ (K. W. Jeter)
A Walk in the Sun / (Geoffrey A. Landis)
Voices / (Jack Dann)
Johnny Come Home / (Pat Cadigan)
Dog's Life /(Martha Soukup)
Venus Rising on Water/ (Tanith Lee)
Fidelity /그랙 이건(Greg Egan)
Pipes/ (Robert Reed)
Chui Chai / (S. P. Somtow)
Pogrom / (James Patrick Kelly)

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