로커스상 1988

【SF Novel】
수상작 The Uplift War /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
When Gravity Fails/ (George Alec Effinger)
The Urth of the New Sun / (Gene Wolfe)
The Forge of God /그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
Life During Wartime / (Lucius Shepard)
The Annals of the Heechee /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Vacuum Flowers / (Michael Swanwick)
The Smoke Ring /래리 니븐(Larry Niven)
Great Sky River /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
「2061년 우주의 여행」 2061: Odyssey Three /아서.C 클럭(Arthur C. Clarke) 모음사(절판) The Legacy of Heorot/ (Larry Niven), (Jerry Pournelle) & (Steven Barnes)
To Sail Beyond the Sunset /로버트.A 하인라인(Robert A. Heinlein)
Memories / (Mike McQuay)
Fool's Run / (Patricia A. McKillip)
The Secret Ascension /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
「토미노커」The Tommyknockers /스티븐  킹(Stephen King) →교원문고(절판)

Dawn/ (Octavia E. Butler)
Intervention (Julian May)
After Long Silence / (Sheri S. Tepper)
Code Blue Emergency / (James White)
Way of the Pilgrim /고든.R 딕슨(Gordon R. Dickson)
Araminta Station / (Jack Vance)
Voice of the Whirlwind / (Walter Jon Williams)
The Awakeners / (Sheri S. Tepper)
Still River /헐 클레멘트(Hal Clement)
Dover Beach /(Richard Bowker)
Rumors of Spring/ (Richard Grant)
Liege-Killer /(Christopher Hinz)
In Conquest Born/ (C. S. Friedman)
Little Heroes /노우 (Norman Spinrad)
Replay / (Ken Grimwood)
Watchmen /(Alan Moore) & (Dave Gibbons)
A Mask for the General /(Lisa Goldstein)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작  Seventh Son /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
On Stranger Tides /팀 파워스(Tim Powers)
Sign of Chaos /로져 젤라즈니(Roger Zelazny)
Weaveworld / (Clive Barker)
Lincoln's Dreams /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Agypt / (John Crowley)
The Witches of Wenshar / (Barbara Hambly)
The Grey Horse/ (R. A. MacAvoy)
Infernal Devices/(K. W. Jeter)
Guardians of the West/ (David Eddings)
A Man Rides Through / (Stephen R. Donaldson)
Being a Green Mother / (Piers Anthony)
War for the Oaks / (Emma Bull)
Bones of the Moon / (Jonathan Carroll)
Swan Song (Robert R. McCammon)
The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
Land of Dreams / (James P. Blaylock)
Strange Toys /(Patricia Geary)
「제국의 딸」 Daughter of the Empire/ (Raymond E. Feist) & (Janny Wurts) →황금가지
The Firebrand/ (Marion Zimmer Bradley)
Never the Twain /(Kirk Mitchell)
Darkspell/ (Katharine Kerr)
Equal Rites / (Terry Pratchett)
「추락하는 여인」 The Falling Woman /팻 머피(Pat Murphy)→시공사(절판)

수상작 The Secret Sharer /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Blind Geometer / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Eye for Eye /오슨•스콧•카드(Orson Scott Card)
Mother Goddess of the World / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Superwine/ (Harry Turtledove)
Glass Cloud/ (James Patrick Kelly)
Borders of Infinity /로이스 맥마스타 부죨드(Lois McMaster Bujold)
Love Sickness / (Geoff Ryman)
The Forest of Time //(Michael F. Flynn)
Saving Time/ (Russell Griffin)
Displaced Person /(Ian Stewart)
Fugue State/ (John M. Ford)

수상작 Rachel in Love / 팻 머피 (Pat Murphy)
Shades / (Lucius Shepard)
Buffalo Gals, Won't You Come Out Tonight /어슐라.K 르귄(Ursula K. Le Guin)
Flowers of Edo /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Dream Baby / (Bruce McAllister)
「미국」America /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
The Evening and the Morning and the Night/ (Octavia E. Butler)
On the Border/ (Lucius Shepard)
He-We-Await / (Howard Waldrop)
Winter's Tale /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Dinosaurs / (Walter Jon Williams)
Runaway/ 오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
Yanqui Doodle /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
A Hole in the Sun /(Roger MacBride Allen)
The Moon and Michaelangelo/ (Ian Watson)
Perpetuity Blues/ (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
The Sun Spider / (Lucius Shepard)
The Pear-Shaped Man /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
The Return from Rainbow Bridge / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Cage 37 /(Wayne Wightman)
Adeste Fideles /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Skylab Done It / (George Alec Effinger)
Second Going /제임스 탑트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
Mandikini /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Uncle Dobbin's Parrot Fair / (Charles de Lint)
My Life as a Born Again Pig /프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
At the Cross-Time Jaunter's Ball/ (Alexander Jablokov)
Extras/ (Robert Charles Wilson)
Dutchman /잭 (Jack McDevitt)

【Short Story】
수상작 Angel / (Pat Cadigan)
The Faithful Companion at Forty / (Karen Joy Fowler)
Delta Sly Honey / (Lucius Shepard)
In Midst of Life / 제임스 팁트리 쥬니어(James Tiptree, Jr.)
The Glassblower's Dragon (Lucius Shepard)
Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers / (Lawrence Watt-Evans)
Cassandra's Photographs / 인(Lisa Goldstein)
Forever Yours, Anna /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilhelm)
Night of the Cooters/ (Howard Waldrop)
Glass / (Nancy Kress)
To Hell with the Stars / (Jack McDevitt)
The Ghost Lemurs of Madagascar / (William S. Burroughs)
The Pardoner's Tale /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Little Magic Shop /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Highbrow / (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
Schwarzschild Radius /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
Diner / (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
The Circular Library of Stones / (Carol Emshwiller)
For Thus Do I Remember Carthage /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Damon /(James Patrick Kelly)
The Iron Star /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The World Next Door /(Brad Ferguson)
Friend's Best Man / (Jonathan Carroll)
Lapidary Nights / (Marta Randall)
What Bleak Land/ (Robert F. Young)
Crying in the Rain / (Tanith Lee)
Heroics / (James Patrick Kelly)
The Alien in the Lake / (Andrew Weiner)

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