#109. The Little Tales of Smethers/ Lord Dunsany

발행 년도:1952년
출판사/출판인:London: Jarrolds

책소개:소스 판매원인 스미자르가 화자로 나오고 신사 린리이가 탐정역이 되는 단편을 중심으로 한 단편집.린리이가 나오는 단편에는 스티가라고 하는 범인이 등장한다.

수록 단편
•-The Two Bottles of Relish-
• -The Shooting of Constable Slugger-
• -An Enemy of Scotland Yard-
• -The Second Front-
• -The Two Assassins-
• -Kreigblut's Disguise-
• -The Mug in the Gambling Hell-
•-The Clue-
• -Once Too Often-
• -An Alleged Murder-
• -The Waiter's Story-
• -A Trade Dispute-
• -The Pirate of the Round Pond-
• -A Victim of Bad Luck-
•-The New Master-
• -A New Murder-
• -A Tale of Revenge-
• -The Speech-
• -The Lost Scientist-
• -The Unwritten Thriller-
• -In Ravancore-
• -Among the Bean Rows-
• -The Death-Watch Beetle-
• -Murder By Lightning-
•-The Murder in Netherby Gardens-
• -The Shield of Athene-

국내 출간:미 발행

by caspi

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