#101. Turbulent Tales/ Rafael Sabatini

발행 년도:1946년
출판사/출판인London: Hutchinson

•「Historical Significance:역사적 중요성」
•「Quality:문학적 가치」

수록 단편
• -The Kneeling Cupid-
• -By Ancient Custom-
• -The Scapulary-
• -The Remedy-
• -The Constable of Chard-
• -The Catchpoll-
• -Loaded Dice-
•-Casanova's Alibi-
• -The Open Door-
•-The Lord of Time-
• -The Death-Mask-
• -The Alchemical Egg-
• -The Ghost of Tronjolly-
• -The Luck of Capoulade-
• -The Passport-
• -The Recoil-

국내 발행:미 출간

by caspi

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