【SF Novel】
수상작 Green Mars / (Kim Stanley Robinson)
Moving Mars /그랙•베어(Greg Bear)
Beggars in Spain /(Nancy Kress)
Virtual Light /월리엄 깁슨(William Gibson)
Glory Season /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Hard Landing / (Algis Budrys)
The Call of Earth /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
A Plague of Angels/ (Sheri S. Tepper)
Harvest of Stars /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
Against a Dark Background/ 이언 뱅크스(Iain Banks)
The Hammer of God /아서 C.클럭(Arthur C. Clarke)
Ring of Swords /(Eleanor Arnason)
Powers That Be /(Anne McCaffrey) & (Elizabeth Ann Scarborough)
The Broken God / (David Zindell)
Growing Up Weightless/ (John M. Ford)
Brother Termite /(Patricia Anthony)
Godspeed /찰즈 셰필드(Charles Sheffield)
Elvissey / (Jack Womack)
Vanishing Point/ (Michaela Roessner)
Chimera /(Mary Rosenblum)
Red Dust / (Paul J. McAuley)
The Gripping Hand / (Larry Niven) & (Jerry Pournelle)
Nightside the Long Sun / (Gene Wolfe)
Timelike Infinity / (Stephen Baxter)
Assemblers of Infinity / (Kevin J. Anderson) & (Doug Beason)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Innkeeper's Song / (Peter S. Beagle)
The Iron Dragon's Daughter / (Michael Swanwick)
To Green Angel Tower / (Tad Williams)
The Thread That Binds the Bones/ (Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon / (Lisa Goldstein)
The Fires of Heaven / (Robert Jordan)
Deerskin / (Robin McKinley)
Dog Wizard / (Barbara Hambly)
Lord of the Two Lands /(Judith Tarr)
The Hollowing / (Robert Holdstock)
Faery in Shadow/ (C. J. Cherryh)
The Porcelain Dove/ (Delia Sherman)
Winter of the Wolf / (R. A. MacAvoy)
The Far Kingdoms /(Allan Cole) & (Chris Bunch)
The Cygnet and the Firebrand / (Patricia A. McKillip)
The Wizard's Apprentice / (S. P. Somtow)
Bones of the Past /(Holly Lisle)
Dragon Star Book III: Skybowl /(Melanie Rawn)
The Robin, the Kestrel /(Mercedes Lackey)

【Horror/Dark Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Golden / (Lucius Shepard)
Anno Dracula/ (Kim Newman)
Agyar /(Steven Brust)
Mr. Murder /딘•R•쿤트(Dean R. Koontz)
Lasher / (Anne Rice)
Drawing Blood/ (Poppy Z. Brite)
X, Y / (Michael Blumlein)
Personal Darkness/ (Tanith Lee)
Making Love / (Melanie Tem) & (Nancy Holder)
Blood Pact/ (Tanya Huff)
Blackburn / (Bradley Denton)

수상작 Mefisto in Onyx / (Harlan Ellison)
Dancing on Air / (Nancy Kress)
The Night We Buried Road Dog / (Jack Cady)
Flashback /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Wall, Stone, Craft/ 월터•존•윌리암스(Walter Jon Williams)
Down in the Bottomlands/ (Harry Turtledove)
An American Childhood / (Pat Murphy)
The Ten O'Clock People /스티븐•킹(Stephen King)
Into the Miranda Rift / (G. David Nordley)
Vampire Junkies / (Norman Spinrad)
Sister Alice / (Robert Reed)
Alien Bootlegger/ (Rebecca Ore)
A Far Countrie / (Avram Davidson)
Ships in the Night/ (Jack McDevitt)
The Last Castle of Christmas/ (Alexander Jablokov)
Walt and Emily / (Paul Di Filippo)
Testing /(Charles Oberndorf)

수상작 Death in Bangkok /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
Death on the Nile /코니 윌리스(Connie Willis)
The Shadow Knows / (Terry Bisson)
Deep Eddy /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Cush / (Neal Barrett, Jr.)
Georgia on My Mind /찰즈 셰필드(Charles Sheffield)
England Underway / (Terry Bisson)
The Beauty Addict / (Ray Aldridge)
The Franchise / (John Kessel)
Inn /코니 월리스(Connie Willis)
Darker Angels / (S. P. Somtow)
Swan Song /(Gregory Bennett)
Chaff /그랙 이간(Greg Egan)
The Spook-Box of Theodore Delafont De Brooks / (Avram Davidson)
Suicidal Tendencies /(Dave Smeds)
Papa / (Ian R. MacLeod)
The Hound of Merin /(Eleanor Arnason)
The Arrival of Truth/ (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Chemistry / (James Patrick Kelly)
Friendship Bridge/ (Brian W. Aldiss)
The Death Addict / (Barry N. Malzberg)

【Short Story】
수상작 Close Encounter /코니 월리스(Connie Willis)
Mwalimu in the Squared Circle /마이크 레즈닉(Mike Resnick)
The Story So Far /(Martha Soukup)
The Bone Woman / (Charles de Lint)
Martin on a Wednesday/ (Nancy Kress)
The Battle of Long Island / (Nancy Kress)
Feedback /죠 홀드 맨(Joe Haldeman)
I Shall Do Thee Mischief in the Wood / (Kathe Koja)
The Face / (Ed Gorman)
Useful Phrases/ (Gene Wolfe)
Sacred Cow/ (Bruce Sterling)
The Extra /그랙 이간(Greg Egan)
The Good Pup / (Bridget McKenna)
The Sri Lanka Position /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
The Plot to Save Hitler/ (W. R. Thompson)
Love Toys of the Gods / (Pat Cadigan)
Everything that Rises & Must Converge /(Michael Armstrong)
Sinner-Saints/ (Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Carriers / (Brian Stableford)
'Forever,' Said the Duck / (Jonathan Lethem)
Sea-Scene, or Vergil and the Ox-Thrall / (Avram Davidson)
Cliffs That Laughed / (R. A. Lafferty)

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