#014 The Man-Hunter - Dick Donovan

출판사/출판인:London: Chatto & Windus

·「Historical Significance:역사적 중요성」
·「Quality:문학적 가치」

수록 단편:
· -The Saltmarket Murder Case-
· -The Lady in the Sealskin Cloak-
· -The Robbery of the Duchess of B-'s Jewels-
· -The Tuft of Red Hair-
· -The Pearl Necklace-
· -A Strange Corpse-
· -The Gentleman Smasher : A Strange Story-
· -The Devil's Dozen-
· -A River Mystery-
· -The Mysterious Disappearance of Helen Atkinson-
· -The Skeleton in the Cupboard-
· -How I Snared the Coiners-
· -The Record of a Strange Adventure-

by caspi

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