Batpants! (Paperback) Jeremy Strong 3
제레미 스트롱 지음 / Puffin / 2009년 1월
평점 :

Can you believe there can be a hairy orang-utan who can try to save their human family? Well, here we go. Just like you know, like the every oher series of this books, this book is quite strange and extraordinary, too. So, what would happen to this oran-utan who loves forests, apples and her family? 

There were a lot of mad advantures for this hairy anthropoid. She wore batpants at ther head, so her name was Batpants. And one of her family, Mrs Lovehart was a stuntwoman. Like every people those, the family members expect to watch the latest film of this stuntwoman. However, there were several interference operations. However, this special hairy orang-utan could be successful to rescue her family from the danger. 

Dinosaurs, dogs, aliens, oran-utans, pharaoh... There are so many special characters and Jeremy Strong can appear on this book. And I like all that settings. I hope to read his next fun stories.

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