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James and the Giant Peach - summary

Chapter 1-There was a boy named James Henry Trotter, who was living happily with his friends and his parents. One day, two rhinoceros who escaped from zoo killed his parents who were shopping at the London. So, James had to live with his ugly, bad aunts.

Chapter 2- The bad aunts made James work hard as a beast of burden, and young James always cried. They called him beast, good for nothing worm... and there was a special day for James.

Chapter 3-  There became an old man from the bushes, and he showed James a pocket. He called it 'Crocodile's tongue'.

Chapter 4-  The old man made James to use the crocodile's tongue for himself and said it will change his life.

Chapter 5 -  James had to eat them, but he made a mistake. He threw it on the ground. So he lost his chance to be special, and there were new problem. If insects or the peach trees have them and being special?

Chapter 6 -  After, the two aunts came to James and found out a peach was growing on the peach. It never had any fruits before, so they were really frightened.

Chapter 7- The peach growed really fast, and it became a giant peach. And the two greedy aunts though something to make some money.

Chapter 8-  They noticed people about the great peach, and they sold ticket to see the giant peach. There were a lot of people, but they took James into the room and at night, they made James to clean the garden.

Chapter 9-   James didn't have anything for dinner and he was too lonely to do something at night. So he went to the giant peach.

Chapter 10-  He found a small hole from the giant peach. He opened it, and went into the peach. And he found the another door. It was a door at the seed of peach.

Chapter 11-  James was frightened. Because there were several creatures. They were just like a big insects. They were as big as James, and they were Grass Hopper, Spider, Centipede...

Chapter 12 -  They talked to James. James found out that they are really kind. So he could have some funny time with them.

Chapter 13-  Miss Spider made beds for the insects and James. They went to sleep, and the firefly turned off the light.

Chapter 14-  The next day, they prepared for their adventure. The peach came out from the tree, and than started to moving.

Chapter 15-  Two aunts waked up and prepared for selling tickets. But they found out the giant peach was coming over them. They became flapped, and there were two lifeless human just like paper came out from the books.

Chapter 16-  The peach kept going... and went into the ocean.

Chapter 17-  When they thought their moving was ended, their house was like a chaos. They felt bobbing, and when they went out...

Chapter 18-  They didn't know what to do. They had nothing to eat except peach. Yes, peach. James found out they can have the giant peach, and they had their meal enough.

Chapter 19-  A lot of sharks came to the peach and started to attack it. James had to think something to avoid their attack.

Chapter 20-  James made a plan. There were two insects, spider and silkworm. They could spin the string, so he made them to make string. And his plan was to make peach out of the water. But how?

Chapter 21-  James' plan is to use the seagulls. There were a lot of seagulls, and he attracted them by the big earthworm.

Chapter 22-  He caught them with the strings, and he made 502 seagulls to uplift the giant peach.

Chapter 23-  It went on and on. There was a ship, and the captain of the ship found it. They thought it was a new weapons from other countries, but when captain found insects above the peach, they said nothing.

Chapter 24-  They had talked. The old Grass Hopper played music for his friends.

Chapter 25-  They enjoyed party above the peach.

Chapter 26-  Centipede fell of the peach while he was dancing. James used string of silkworm, and flied to save him. He saved his life.

Chapter 27-  They went into the cloud, and they found the cloud man. They didn't notice them, but centipede thought they can't hear, so he made a big noise and danced. Soon, the cloud-men started to throwing hailstones hardlly.

Chapter 28-  They collapsed the rainbow bridge, so the angry cloud-men sent a big, hairy cloud man which is 14 feets long. He flied to catch him.

Chpater 29-  The cloud-men came after them, and poured rain over them.

Chapter 30 -  However, luckily, it washed Centipede's paints away and he could move again.

Chapter 31-  The bat-creatures chased them, but they could avoid them by going into the land with sun.

Chapter 32-  They found out the new land, and there were a lot of skyscrapers. They knew they came to the America!

Chapter 33-  They were above the New York city, and they had to land on the place.

Chapter 34-  They bited the string and the seagulls started to released. And then, the Giant Peach also started to felling. They said good-bye to each other because they thought they were going to die.

Chapter 35-  The peach was felling...

Chapter 36-  The peach perfectly got into the Empire States Building's pinnacle.

Chapter 37-  The police officers and fire fighters came to them and found the creatures and little boy. They thought they were came from the outer space.

Chaper 38-  The insects and James all became rich and famous. They had their own talents, and they used it in America. And James made a book about his adventure.

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