My Brother's Famous Bottom Gets Pinched (Paperback) Jeremy Strong 2
제레미 스트롱 지음 / Puffin / 2007년 4월
평점 :

I really like Jeremy Strong seires, because I admit that this series is a masterpiece of comic books. Well, some people think that this books are too extraordinary, or disorder. Yes, they are all true. The Main Characters of these books are disorder and even unique. However, these makes this book more fun. The existed refined books are can be clean, but this disorder stories can give you even more fun! 

There are three books about Nicholas' brother's famous bottom. I don't know why people are enthusiasm at his bottom, however the family could go trip because of their famous star. And, there appear people wearing diaper who called big babies. Well, I don't wanted to read this because it was too stained. 

Maybe it's hard for you to read this series. But the strange characters have different personality and makes it more fun.

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