This is one of Astrid Lindgren's children series. Most of her story is abour children, and these childrens have something special. And this time, a special girl, Lotta is a heroine of this story, So, what is so special about her? 

Lotta didn't want to live at her house, because she think her parents don't listen to her. So, she had a plan to go out her house and live with a new family. Well, Not really family. They were just neighbors of her, and she lived at the top of their house. 

She had a funny life with them, and she had many things at there. She found coffee pot, and new dolls two play with. She already had Teddy, a pig shaped doll, but she was quite lonley. 

Lotta's life is not the end in this story. She still have a lot of adventure in her life. So, I want to her take a happy life.

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