Shocking Electricity (Paperback, New ed)
닉 아놀드 지음, 토니 드 솔스 그림 / Scholastic UK / 2008년 6월
평점 :

우리 생활의 원동력, 전기. 모든 에너지가 이 전기 에너지를 중심으로 돌아가고 있다. 전자의 흐름에 의하여 에너지가 발생하고, 불을 켜고, 기계 장치를 작동시킬 수가 있다. 자연 현상에서 등장하는 전기 에너지로부터 실생활을 위한 발전기에까지, 전기에 관한 모든 것을 알 수 있다!

Zupiter, the god of Greek or the Roman emperor was the king of all the world and could use thunder and lightning free. The lightnings are really powerful, everyone say. How does the lightning made? Are they really spear of Zeus? 

Well, it was just a phenomenon of clouds and the ground. The clouds can take a charge. The ground is also taking a charge, so they can send an electric current. This electric current is called the lightning, and the sound from lightning is thunder. However, it is not a plenty phenomenon. If you want to take the charge of lightning, than you should wait for a long time standing with long iron things. 

These electricity are really great. We use every energy to make this. Electricity can trun on the lights of things, and these are the motive power of modern society. Don't worry if you are not wet. The electricity won't harm you until you catch the high-pressure electric wire or standing with long lightning rod.

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