The Fearsome Fight for Flight (Paperback)
토니 드 솔스, 닉 아놀드 지음 / Scholastic / 2004년 11월
평점 :

인류 비행의 역사는 참으로 길다. 사람들은 지구 전체를 지배하기 위해 갖은 애를 썼다. 보트를 만들고, 비행기를 만들어서 육해공을 모두 지배하기에 이르렀다. 그 중, 사람들이 가장 힘들어했던 공중의 지배의 과정을 살펴본다. 

The start was just a small wings that they made themselves. They made it with birds' feather and honey. The Icarus' story gave people braveness to fly. So, they jumped down to the ground... and then they had to go to hospital. 

They were too heavy to fly with wings. So, they choosed mechanics to fly. They made engines, and propellers. The first inventor, Wright brothers made them and succeed to fly for a long time. 

The flights are revoluting right away. Now, they are even faster than sounds. We call it supersonic speed. The jets can run fast and achieve their tasks. They have stealth function not to catched by the rader, and they attacks the enemy quickly just like an eagle. They are the dominator of air. And now, the flights are revoluting to fly the space, too. I hope they would discover more things from outer spaces.

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