Vicious Veg (Paperback, New ed) Horrible Science 22
닉 아놀드 지음, 토니 드 솔스 그림 / Scholastic / 2008년 8월
평점 :

동물과 식물이 존재하고, 동물은 식물을 먹이로 삼는다. 하지만, 이 과정을 거꾸로 하는 식물도 있으며, 식물들은 각 종마다 다양한 방법의 생존 방법을 택했다. 우리 주변을 둘려보면 꽤 독특한 식물들이 많이 존재한다. 이들이 사는 모습을 한 번 살펴보자. 

Fly traps are the kinds of vegs that eat animals. Mostly, the animals eat vegs, include small larvas. They eat them to supply their nutrition. They attract them by many ways. They use unique features or smells. The stupid flies just fly into their grave. 

We hate green food, but actually they one of the most important food in our life. The grown-ups give us green food, and many children think they are to torture us. Yes, I thought that way either when I was young. However, I think greens are sad, too. They should become the food of consumers, so they choosed the way to make many descendants. 

Vegs' life are special. If you travel aound the interiors, you can find unique vegs all of the world.

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