Painful Poison (New Edition, Paperback) Horrible Science 23
닉 아놀드 지음, 토니 드 솔스 그림 / Scholastic / 2009년 4월
평점 :

독이라는 것은 왜 존재할까? 우리 주변에는 많은 독극물들이 존재하고, 이 독극물들은 때로는 신경계를 마비시키고, 때로는 목숨을 앗아간다. 끔찍한 고통을 유발하고, 온몸에 두드러기가 나게도 한다. 독의 존재 이유를 밝히고, 앞으로 등장할 독의학자들을 위하여 온갖 종류의 독들을 소개한다. 

Poisons are quite cool. You can hide them well and can kill someone or something really fast. Arsenic, mercury, and the poison from animals and plants... however, there was a time that people thought this poisons are medicines. Yes, it's true. The medicine that we use are mostly poison if we use them much. If we use too much poison, than it kill people. 

Why does animals and plants have poison? They use poison as their protecting way. They mostly have beautiful colors, so predators can discriminate them well. They know that if they eat them, they would get die or be sick. That's the reason why some animals use poison. 

I can't understand the way how the poisons can kill people. What do they do in our body? I hope to know what they really affect at our body.

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