Evolve or Die (Paperback, New ed) Horrible Science 7
필 게이츠 지음, 토니 드 솔스 그림 / Scholastic / 2008년 6월
평점 :

다윈의 진화설은 아마도 현대의 과학자들에게 있어서 가장 올바른 과학적 선택이었을 것이다. 라마르크의 용불용설 등의 이론등이 등장했으나 그 가설들은 모두 문제점이 있었다. 그 때 등장한 것이 바로 자연 선택설이다. 다양한 개체수가 있고 이들 중 자연에 의해 선택받는 종만 살아남는다. 이 종이 여러가지 종으로 분화해 다시 몇 종만 살아남는다. 이것이 바로 자연선택설이다. 

However, people should know that this law is going to collapse. It realized when the animals get devided into many species. And now, the removing speed is faster than making speed. It is just like overconsumption of human, People use the nature and throw them away. They never care about this. So, this is why we should protect animals. 

Than, let's look around this book. I like Darwin's nature's choice opinion is true. For example, there are many species of pinches that live in Galapagos. Galapagos was isolated from the other lives, so the animals could evolve for its own way. And the pinches' beak prove this. The pinches must be the same species, but they have different beaks each other. Scientists said this is because they choosed different food for their lives. 

The animals choosed many ways to live themselves. Some of them failed at survives, but the survivors still seeding their lives. I hope the animals living in Earth evolve well and must survive from us.

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