Disgusting Digestion (Paperback, New ed) Horrible Science 5
Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles 지음 / Scholastic / 2008년 2월
평점 :

인간의 소화 과정이란 것은 매우 특별한 과정이다. 음식물을 먹으면서, 이 음식물들을 각 기관에서 다른 방법을 이용하여 완전히 분해해 우리 몸에서 사용할 수 있도록 하기 때문이다. 어쩌면 복잡하고, 불결해보이는 작업일수도 있겠지만 우리가 살아갈 수 있는 고마운 작업이다. 

There are many organs manage the process of digesting. There are gullet, stomach, colon,small intestine... the delicious food that we ate go though this tunnels. So, let's find out the process of digesting. 

We grind up food at our mouth. We use teeth and jaw to do the physical analysis. It becomes like porridge mixing with our spit. It goes down through gullet and goes to the stomach. At stomach, it melts well with hydrochloric acid and gastric juices. The hydrochloric acid kills microbes, and it stays for a while. Then, it pass through the small intestine and colon. At small intestine, it takes some liquid from pancreas to digest the food perfectly. Every nutrition in this soup takes out from the organs, and it comes out from our body... at our toilet! 

However, we should be careful from bacterias. Salmomellas, listerias, staphylococcus... they can induce diseases to our body like vomitting, dyspnea... If you want to be safe from this bacterias, than you should wash foods and cooks them well. So, the disgusting degestion was quite disgusting to know, I think.

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