Blood, Bones and Body Bits (Paperback) Horrible Science 20
토니 드 솔스, 닉 아놀드 지음 / Scholastic / 2008년 2월
평점 :

끔찍한 과학, 제 2편. 1편에서는 다양한 종류의 동물에 대한 탐구를 했었고, 이번에는 우리 인체에 대한 다양한 탐구를 할 차례이다. 그림체가 약간 보기엔 좋지 않았지만, 인체에 대해서는 재미있게 설명해주는 것 같다. 

This book is sometimes really horrible. There is a monster just look like the man that Frankenstein made. Well, I think the doctors had to be terrible because they had to know more about their body part. So, this book was quite hard to read with draws. 

There are many body parts that protect us or keep us working. The skin protect us, and can feel many things from outside. There are billions of dead cells that we give out. If we didn't have skin, than if there was anything and we touch that, our body will tear. 

There are many visceras that works our body. And the heart can be the most important thing. It moves really powerfully, so it can press the oxygen to all of our body. There is a special result that the heart can move itself when it is out of someone's body. This is called heart's automatic movement. This is because of the east tuber. 

The lungs? It is the organ that exchange oxygen and CO2. There is a story about a woman who hiccuped just for two years. She became thin and had to stop working. She tried every method to stop this, but when two years later, it stopped. She couldn't breathe well because there was a snapped nerve. 

The body stories were really funny, but I hope the horrible draws can be changed.

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