Angry Animals (Paperback) Horrible Science 1
토니 드 솔스, 닉 아놀드 지음 / Scholastic / 2005년 7월
평점 :

끔찍한 역사 시리즈에 이어서 이번에는 끔찍한 과학 시리즈. 그 첫번째로, 다양한 동물들에 관한 과학 이야기를 읽게 되었다. 사람을 공격하는 온갖 포식자부터, 다양하게 존재하는 동물들에 관하여 언제나처럼 재미있게 서술한다. 

This series introduce you a lot of animals, and most of them are the animals which are interested by many children. The animals which are really dangerous. The crocodiles, the lions, big bears, elephants, sharks... the animals that have weapons can kill you. 

Actually, if you grow up, you would realize that the animals are not so dangerous. If you go to the jungle, than you can rarely see leopard,(Not snakes. You can find them everywhere, and if you meet cobra, than this fast snake can catch you and eat you up.) and cannot see tiger or lion. They are protected by people, so they cannot catch you and you cannot catch them. Sharks? If you saw the movie, Jaws, than you are believe in wrong story. The white sharks are not really dangerous. They rarely attack people. But when you meet small sharks, they can attack you fast. 

So, you shold know that big animals are not so dangerous except bears. Elephants don't kill people until they attack them or make them angry. Big sharks don't attack you. Well, polar bears and crocodiles can be quite dangerous when you go to South pole or across a river, can't it? 

The horrible science introduced about many information about dangerous and cruel animals. Don't believe they would always try to kill you. They have smaller brains, so you can train them easily by some tools. I hope you don't try to train them really, actually.

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