Color Day Relay (Paperback) The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book (Book) 19
Gail Herman 지음 / Scholastic / 2004년 8월
평점 :

무지개와 빛의 비밀. 우리가 매일 아침 창문을 통과해 밝게 비추기 시작하는 햇살부터, 형광등에서 나오는 불빛과, 비내리는 날 치는 번개까지. 빛은 다양한 마법을 발휘한다. 언제 어디서든지간에 우리 주변을 채우고 다는 빛. 이런 빛의 과학에 대하여 공부해본다. 

The colorful rainbow is the best thing that we can see by the light. However, we can also make it by small things. If we use prism, than any lights can make into the seven colors. But it is hard to see the real rainbow in the sky. 

The light is really fast. It is more over than turning 7 times the Earth per a second. We know that we are unable to follow the light, but light is still slow in the space. They have to go for several years to go to another planets. 

The light also trick us. All the thing you watch is made from the light. The light can show us the scene of others. But the movement is different when they go through the liquid or the solid. So when we get into the water, than we can see a lot of funny things by your two eyes. 

It was a colorful advantures with Ms. Friz. Maybe I can have another advantures with her somedays.

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