The Magic School Bus Chapter Book #17 (Paperback) The Magic School Bus Science Chapter Book (Book) 17
앤 케이프시 지음 / Scholastic / 2004년 2월
평점 :

오랜만에 프리즐 선생님과 함께 과학 여행을 떠나보았다. 이번에는 수많은 관계를 가진 동물들관의 먹이 사슬에 관해 배워보았다. 이번에도 신기한 스쿨 버스와 함께, 학생들은 생생한 과학 여행을 떠난다. 

The food chain was a interesting subject. There are a lot of kinds of animals in the earth. And one of the chian goes out, than we can't expect the result what will happen. Maybe it can restored by another chains, or the other chains would get demaged by the disappeared chain. Yes, nature is really mysterious. We are too weak to know the truth of nature.

For the example, the small bacterias are the start of everything. They change everything into the smallest thing. And the grass are the second. The small insects like grasshoppers eat the grass and ate by bigger ones like frogs. Frogs are eaten by the snakes, and the snakes are catched by the birds. And the human can be called the one top of the nature. 

Yes, the cycle of the nature keep the earth clean. This is why the new lifes borns. Why don't they live forever? Because they have to change by dying and starting a new life. I don't know why this system was made, and what is the purposes of this. 

It was a long time that I didn't see this book. And I would try harder to know more things with the strange teacher, Ms.Frizzle. There were a lot of interesting animals in the world. I would try hard not to harm them.

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