Andrew Lost #13: In the Garbage (Paperback) Andrew Lost 13
Greenburg, J.C. / Random House Childrens Books / 2006년 1월
평점 :

타임머신을 타고 알 삼촌을 구해온 후, 역시나 발명가 정신이 그대로 남아있는 앤드류는 이번에 또다시 새로운 발명품을 만들었다. 바로 무엇이든지 빨아들이기만 하면 크기를 줄여주어서 쓰레기 문제를 없앤다는 것이다. 하지만, 제레미의 음모로 주디와 앤드류는 그들이 만든 발명품에 의해 소형화되고, 아주 작은 생물들과 대등한 크기가 되면서 새로운 세계를 체험하게 된다. 

It's really cruel to see the world with microscope. They look creepy, and not cute. When I saw the big face of the fly, I was almost die that I was really surprised. Andrew and Judy Doubles got into the small world, and they are too small to endure their attack. What should they do to live? 

They became smaller, and they have to find Uncle Al. He is a scientist who invented a lot of things, and he always give them a lot of help. At last, they caught a bat and lost with the bat. What should they do? Would they find their uncle?

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