Andrew Lost #12: In the Ice Age (Paperback) Andrew Lost 12
주디스 그린버그 지음 / Random House Childrens Books / 2005년 10월
평점 :

앤드류와 주디, 비퍼 존스가 드디어 알 삼촌이 있는 빙하시대로 가게 되었다. 맘모스 등 추운 겨울에서 살아남은 다양한 생물들이 공종하는 시대, 빙하시대. 알 삼촌을 되찾고, 크론 톡스 박사의 음모를 과연 막아낼 수 있을까? 

Doctor Kron-Tox was going to collect animals that lived in several ages. He was going to earn money by them. However, he had to know that it can cause a lot of problem. I saw a movie about travel around the time. A man took a small butterfly, and the earth was going to disappear just by the small butterfly. Yes, Doctor Kron-Tox is making a big mistake. And uncle Al is going to make it natural. 

Fortunately, Beeper Jones was not really bad like his uncle. Doctor Kron-Tox had a big dream, but he could make a serius problem. Doubles protected the earth one more time. Now, Andrew's new advanture will take a place about human body.

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