Andrew Lost #11: With the Dinosaurs (Paperback) Andrew Lost 11
주디스 그린버그 지음 / Random House Childrens Books / 2005년 7월
평점 :

유명한 로스트 시리즈를 영문판으로 다시 읽게 되었다. 오랫동안 잊고 있다가 이 이야기를 아직 다 읽지 않았음을 깨닫고, 다시 펼쳐들었다. 앤드류와 주디는 남매로, Time-A-Tron이라는 타임머신을 타고 발명가 삼촌 알을 찾으러 과거로 떠난다. 

Doctor Kron-Tox is a really mad scientist. I don't really remember what did he want, but how can he caught people into the ice age? Uncle Al is caught in there, but Andrew and Judy Doubles are going to save him with Thudd, professor Wilde and Beeper Jones who is the cousin of Doctor Kron-Tox. Well, that's the point. I can't sure he is not bad. I think he would betray Doubles. 

I had to remember that this is a book for children who want to learn science funny. In this part, we can understand about the dinosaurs. They are the mysterious things. People guessed how they lived, but none sure it is true. 

Andrew's advanture is really fun. I hope he would find uncle Al and go back to home, and start a new advanture.

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