Mildred and Sam (Paperback) I Can Read Book Level 2 (Book) 49
Sharleen Collicott 지음 / Harpercollins Childrens Books / 2004년 2월
평점 :



 1.  What kind of house did Mildred and Sam live in? 



         a large house under the daffodil roots.



         a very small house under the daffodil roots.



         a tiny house on top of a tree.



         a medium sized house under the daffodil roots.




 2.  What kind of tree did they climb one day? 



         a daffodil tree



         an young tree



         a pine tree



         an old oak tree




 3.  Why didn't Sam want to live in the tree? 



         He was worried about the great owl.



         He didn't like the view.



         He thought it was too cold.



         He didn't say why.




 4.  What did Mildred dream about? 



         about going far away from home



         about escaping their home



         about living in the tree and then being carried away by the great owl



         about living in the tree and having dinner with the great owl




 5.  Where did Mildred and Sam have the picnic? 



         on a lily pad



         in the water



         in their home



         in the tree



  6.  Who suggested that it would be nice to live there? 









         a frog



         the great owl




 7.  What didn't Mildred like about the dream with the frogs and the fishes? 



         She didn't like the water.



         She didn't like being wet.



         She wanted a door.



         They swam down a long way. It was too deep.





 8.  What did Mildred and Sam drink in the rose thicket? 



         They drank water.



         They drank coffee.



         They drank tea.



         They drank cola.





 9.  Why didn't Sam want to live in the rose thicket? 



         Because there is no door to keep them safe from the nosy bunnies.



         Because there is a door to keep them safe from the nosy bunnies.



         Because they didn't want a door to keep them safe from the nosy bunnies.



         Sam doesn't like roses.





 10.  Why did Sam dig underneath the daffodil roots when he got up extra early? 



         Because he wanted to make a fast escape.



         Because he wanted to keep them safe.



         Because he wanted to make Mildred a bigger burrow.



         Because he wanted to have tea there.




 11.  What is not true about Mildred? 



         She didn't want to visit her mother.



         She wanted to help Sam dig underneath the roots.



         She became fidgety when Sam worked.



         She didn't want to paint.





 12.  What did Mildred think she would do? 



         She would plant a garden.



         She would make a fast escape.



         She would go on a picnic.



         She would climb a tree.




 13.  What did Mildred order? 



         She ordered some tea.



         She ordered some seeds.



         She ordered some books.



         She ordered a garden.




 14.  What arrived that Mildred didn't order? 



         an unmarked packet



         some special carrot seeds



         some vegetable seeds



         some books



  15.  What is one thing the baby gourds did? 



         They planted more seeds.



         They played cards.



         They slept in the bed.



         They played with the daffodils.




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Junie B. Jones #9 : Is not a Crook (Paperback + CD) Junie B. Jones (Book + CD) 9
바바라 파크 지음 / Random House / 2008년 6월
평점 :

 1.  Why did Grampa Miller buy Junie B. mittens? 



         It was her birthday.



         It was Christmas.



         It was Valentine's Day.



         For no reason.





 2.  What happens at time-out? 



         You jump and run.



         You laugh.



         You dance on top of the dining room table.



         You come down from the table and go to your room.





 3.  Which of the following statements is true? 



         Lucille thinks Junie B.'s mittens are awesome.



         Lucille's nanna has a fur coat.



         Lucille's nanna doesn't wear her fur coat outside because she is an animal advocate.



         Lucille has the same type of fur mittens. 






4.  Which of the following statements is true? 



         Mrs. told Junie B. to never let the mittens out of her sight.



         Junie B. placed the mittens in her jacket.



         Junie B. took off the jacket.



         Junie B. lent her mittens to Lucille.






5.  What did Mrs. do with Junie B.'s mittens? 



         She placed them on her desk.



         She put them on.



         She placed them in her jacket.



         She placed them in Junie B.'s jacket.






 6.  Who was Junie B. saying "It's good to be with you again" to? 



         To herself



         To Grace



         To Mrs.



         To her mittens






 7.  What was the problem when the girls were playing horses? 



         Junie B. wanted to be Blackie for a change.



         Lucille wanted to borrow Junie B.'s mittens to match her horse.



         Junie B.'s Brownie didn't match her mittens.



         Grace was embarrassed for suggesting switching mittens.






 8.  How does Mrs. let the kids know that recess is over? 



         She claps her hands.



         She shouts, "Coming!"



         She blows a whistle.



         She brings in the kids one by one.






 9.  Why does Mrs. want to bring Junie B. to the Principal's office? 



         Because Junie B. needed to be punished.



         Because Junie B. thinks the Principal took the mittens.



         Because that's where the Lost and Found is.



         Because she doesn't know what else to do.






 10.  What did Junie B. suggest when she couldn't find her mittens in the Lost and Found? 



         That she would take the teddy bag.



         That she would wear a grin.



         That she would come back later.



         That she would call the police to report the incident.






 11.  What did Junie B. find by the water fountain? 



         Her mittens



         A pen



         Her pen



         Four pens






 12.  Why did Junie B. behave well for the rest of the day? 



         She didn't want to tract tension.



         She didn't want to attract attention.



         She was too sad to play.



         She was worried about Mother.






 13.  What did Junie B. find in Grampa Mille

r's back pocket? 



         More mittens






         Grampa's wallet









 14.  What does Grampa Miller carry in his wallet? 



         A picture of Ollie and him.



         A picture of Junie B. and him.



         A picture of some baby.



         A picture of Grandmother.






 15.  How did Junie B. intend to find the mitten crook? 



         By finding a kid with tattoos.



         By spying on Jim.



         By spying on Lucille.



         By looking out from the Principal's office.




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Junie B. Jones #6 : and that Meanie Jim´s Birthday (Paperback + CD) Junie B. Jones (Book + CD) 6
바바라 파크 지음 / Random House / 2008년 6월
평점 :

 1.  What is Junie B. Jones' favorite food? 



         The letter B



         Birthday cake










 2.  Why couldn’t Lucille finish her cake? 



         Because of an upset stomach.



         Because Junie B. threw it out.



         Because Junie B. pretended to throw it out.



         Because Junie B. wanted to have her cake.




 3.  What does Junie B. call her teacher? 









         Mrs. All



         Mrs. That's All




 4.  Why did Junie B. drop ice cream on Lucille? 



         Lucille was being mean.



         Lucille wanted Junie B. to finish her ice cream.



         Junie B. wanted to demonstrate eating ice cream like a lady.



         On purpose.




 5.  What happened at Jim's birthday party? 



         They shared M&Ms.



         They had birthday cakes.



         They made balloon animals.



         They gave away treats.




 6.  How did Grace try to make Junie B. feel better about Jim's party? 



         She let Junie B. sit next to the window.



         She said she wouldn't go the party either.



         She agreed Jim was mean.



         She said she didn't like ponies either.



 7.  What's the name of Junie B.'s little brother? 
















 8.  What did Grandma say to stop Junie B. from climbing up the rocking chair? 



         "Hold your ponies."



         "Hold you horses."



         "Hold your fingers."



         "Hold your breath."




 9.  When is Junie B.'s birthday? 












         This Saturday




 10.  How does Junie B. like to have her hot cereal? 



         Microwaved hot.



         Cold with ice.



         With a lot of brown sugar.



         With a lot of honey.





 11.  What do Junie B.'s mom and dad say about Jim's party? 



         That she actually doesn't want to go to the party.



         That she would be moving.



         That she and Jim aren't friends.



         That she should pretend not to care.




 12.  Why did Junie B. crinkle her eyebrows at Grampa Miller? 



         The conversation smelled fishy.



         It smelled like fish.



         She didn't want to go fishing on Saturday.



         Grampa smells like fish all the time.




 13.  What is Crybaby William known for? 



         He's known to be the strongest.



         He's known to make other kids cry.



         He's known for his mean words.



         He's known to be scared of everything.




 14.  Who joined Junie B. in the Principal's office? 
















 15.  Which of the following statements is true? 



         Junie B. didn't actually want to go to the party.



         Junie B. pretended as if she didn't want to go to the party.



         Junie B. goes the party with William's invitation.



         Junie B. gets her invitation from Jim.




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Junie B. Jones #14 : and the Mushy Gushy Valentime (Paperback + CD) Junie B. Jones (Book + CD) 14
바바라 파크 지음 / Random House / 2008년 6월
평점 :


1.  What will Room Nine do on Valentimes Day? 



         They will exchange cards.



         They will pick who they like.



         They will give cards to parents.



         They will give cards to teachers.






 2.  What will they include in the cards? 









         Happy wishes









 3.  What will they have at the party? 












         Candy apples





  4.  What did Lucille offer to do for the party? 



         Bring punch.



         Teach ballroom dancing



         Bring her nanna



         Bring her caterer





 5.  What did Mrs. do that scared the kids a little? 



         She yelled at the kids.



         She lay her head on the desk looking out the door.



         She stared long at the kids.



         She was crying.






 6.  Who corrected Junie B.'s pronunciation? 












         Paulie Allen Puffer







 7.  What was the box for? 



         It would be the mail box for the Valentine cards.



         Kids were now to write all of their suggestions on paper.



         Kids were asked to decorate the box with what they want on their cards.



         Each kid was to bring a box instead of an envelope.






 8.  Why wasn't Junie B. able to decorate the Valentimes box? 



         Her scissors were confiscated by Mrs.



         She broke her scissors when trying to beat Jim.



         Mrs. took her scissors and gave them to Jim.



         Jim came over to take away her scissors.





  9.  How many was each kid asked to prepare cards for? 


















 10.  Why did Mrs. take aspirin? 



         Junie B. had a headache.



         She needed to go to the restroom.



         Junie B. was giving her a headache.



         She needed to bring it to another student.






 11.  Why does Junie B. want a skunk on Jim's card? 



         That's his favorite animal.



         He looks like a skunk.



         Skunks aren't nice and neither is he.



         That card was the only one left.




 12.  Which of the following statements is not true? 



         Lucille is very proud of her cards.



         Lucille brought more cards for boys she liked.



         Lucille expects to get more cards than anyone else.



         Boys like snakes more than ponies.





 13.  Why was Lucille looking for another card? 



         She was sure someone would give her an extra card.



         She was sure she had 20 cards earlier.



         She wanted to pretend as if she wasn't embarrassed.



         She was bored.




  14.  Why was Junie B. so up set when counting her cards? 



         She only got 17.



         She had more than 17.



         She had fewer than 17.



         She had fewer than 10.





  15.  How does Junie B. find her last card? 



         Mrs. found a card on the bottom of the box.



         She finds one extra card on the floor.



         She takes one from Lucille.



         She takes one from Jim.



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Junie B. Jones #8 : Has a Monster Under Her Bed (Paperback + CD) Junie B. Jones (Book + CD) 8
바바라 파크 지음 / Random House / 2008년 6월
평점 :

 1.  Who does Junie B. mean by the cheese man? 



         The cafeteria chef



         The cafeteria lady



         The photographer



         The cheese maker







 2.  What was Junie B. doing when the picture was taken? 



         She was posing very lovely.



         She was demonstrating her face when grampa took the picture last time.



         She was saying cheese.



         She was eating cheese.







 3.  What does Lucille want to be when she grows up? 



















 4.  Which of the following statements is true? 



         Junie B. thinks there are dinosaurs under the bed.



         Paulie Allen Puffer thinks there are dinosaurs under the bed.



         Junie B. is scared of dinosaurs.



         Junie B. is scared of monsters.







 5.  What does Paulie Allen Puffer tell Junie B. about drool on the pillow? 



         That it's from the monster under the bed.



         That's it's tear drop of the monster.



         That it's from Junie B. crying while sleeping.



         That it's from his 7th grade brother.






 6.  When was the class picture taken? 



         When every single student was ready.



         When Junie B. gave Paulie Allen Puffer a nice good punch in the face.



         When Junie B. made a face thinking about the monster.



         After the photographer counted 1, 2, 3. 






 7.  What does Grace say about monsters? 



         Monsters can eat Junie B.'s cakes.



         Monsters can make themselves invisible.



         Monsters can make people disappear.



         Monsters cannot disappear.






 8.  What does Junie B. expect Mother to do with the monster under the bed? 



         Bring all of the roaches out to fight the monster.



         Use the insecticide that killed the roaches on the monster.



         Talk to the monster to leave Junie B.'s room.



         Use a broom to bash the monster's head.






 9.  What was for dinner? 


















 10.  Why does Junie B. plan to watch the Eyewitness News at Ten? 



         She's curious what's going on in the world.



         She wants to know how to bash the monster.



         She wants to learn about dinosaurs.



         She just wants to stay out of her bed.






 11.  Why did Ollie cry? 



         Junie B. told him the story about the monster.



         Junie B. forced him to say "right" when she asked about no monsters.



         Junie B. placed him on the floor.



         He spotted a monster.






 12.  Why didn't Junie B. close her eyes at night? 



         She was afraid the monster would no longer be invisible.



         She was afraid Daddy would shut the lights out.



         She was concerned that Phillip Johnny Bob was thirsty.



         She could hear the monster breathing.






 13.  Why did Junie B. push Tickle away? 



         He wasn't strong enough to fight the monster.



         He kept attacking Junie B.'s stuffed animals.



         He was too sleepy.



         He kept barking.






 14.  How did Grace's mom get rid of the monster under her bed? 



         She used cleaners.



         She used a net.



         She used a vacuum cleaner.



         She coaxed it to leave.






 15.  How did Grandma Miller take care of the monster after all? 



         She ran over it with her car.



         She found a trash compactor next door.



         She ordered a trash compactor online.



         She burned it.



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