Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Paperback) - Puffin Novels Roald Dahl 대표작시리즈 7
로알드 달 지음, 퀸틴 블레이크 그림 / Puffin / 1998년 6월
평점 :

* Story - The story of this book is reaaaaaaally interesting and exciting. The most impressing is two things. One is the writer shows a great number of imaginations and unconceivable thinns. The persons and stuffs of this story are not only existable but also imaginary, namely they evoke a lot of creativity and imagination from children and grownups who read through this book. The other is the theme of this book is really instruional and educational. Such bad children as spoiled child, all day chewing girl, fat boy...  are punished according to their behavior. I reaaaally recommend this book.

The Engish level for this book is that of high school student. But make sure you cannot understand the whole contents and expressions of this book. Above all, your purpose and insistence are required.

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