This guy does origami with dollar bills and lives in a converted garbage truck. Be Sure you scroll to the end of this e-mail to look at photos of inside his truck! Won Park is the master of Origami. He is also called the "money folder", a practitioner of origami whose canvas is the United States One Dollar Bill. Bending, twisting, and folding, he creates life-like shapes in stunning detail.

One Dollar Fish

One Dollar Butterfly

One Dollar Camera

Two Dollars Battle Tank

Two Dollars Chinese Dragon

One Dollar Crab

One Dollar Dolphin

Two Dollars Jacket

Two Dollars Spider

One Dollar Scorpion

One Dollar Bat

One Dollar Toilet Bowl

One Dollar Penguin

One Dollar Shark

One Dollar Jet

One Dollar Hammer Head Shark  

This is wild **** He lives in a garbage truck! You have to look at this place

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