Philosophy Old Fashioned EggnogPhilosophy Old Fashioned Eggnog $18.00


Bring the spirit of the holiday season into your bathroom with this old-fashioned egg nog-scented, 3-in-1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Egg nog is the quintessential holiday treat and Philosophy's version of this famous holiday delight is no exception - and don't forget the nutmeg!

Philosophy The Gingerbread House

Philosophy The Gingerbread House $35.00

The low-cal solution to indulging any holiday sweet tooth; the Gingerbread House contains three deliciously indulgent skin treats.Set includes a 3.5 oz Gingerbread Man Body Souffle, 4 oz Gingerbread Man Ginger Ale Foaming Bubble Bath & Shower Gel, and a 0.5 oz Scrumptious Sugar Cookie Lip Balm, packaged in an adorable gingerbread house shaped gift box.

Philosophy Gingerbread Man

Philosophy Gingerbread Man $25.00 /20 oz

Spice up your bath or shower with this heavenly-scented (smells just like gingerbread) body scrub that warms on the skin as it gently exfoliates dry skin. All natural ingredients such as sea salt and seaweed make this a must-have treat without the calories!


In Real Life : Six Women Photographers

Leslie Sills, Lola Alvarez Bravo, Cindy Sherman, Elsa Dorfman, Carrie Mae Weems





Cindy Sherman : Film Stills






The Turks & Caicos Islands : Beautiful by Nature




Sephora Pop-Up Travel Brush - Black

Sephora Pop-Up Travel Brush  -Black $8.00

FRESH Orange Chocolate Shea Butter

FRESH Orange Chocolate Shea Butter $38.00



알라딘에서도, 잔뜩 찜 해놨는데, 아마존에서도 역시;;;

집에 있는 책 하구, 화장대 정리하기 전엔, 알라딘에서 주문 안할 것이고,

지난번에 산 에드 맥베인 원서 중 반 이상 읽기 전에는 아마존에서 주문 안할 것이다.

고 다시 한번 다짐해본다. 

바늘로 허벅지 꾹꾹 찔러가면서 -_-+










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진저 브레드 맨 너무 귀여워요---- *ㅂ* 필로소피 물건들 구경하면 정말 갖고 싶은 것들이 잔뜩이라, 치받쳐 오르는 쇼핑욕구 잠재우기가 참 힘들지요.
전 요즘 데메테르 향수들 사고 싶어서 괴롭습니다. ^^;;;

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정작 필요한건 샴푸와 폼클린징 뿐이라지요. 털썩.