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Regarding the parasiticide Nicklosamide, it was reported on the Financial News(Korea), saying, "I've seen anti-viral effects in MERS and SARS before," adding, "If you review other papers, a very wide range of anti-viral effects are already known."(April 9, 2020)

“The parasiticide Ibermectin, COVID-19 virus kills in 48 hours," said Yonhap News Agency(Korea). This is the result of cell culture experiment at the University of Monish, Australia.(April 6, 2020)

The South China Morning Post in Hong Kong reported today that Chinese researchers had similar mutations to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in COVID-19.(February 27, 2020).

I want to save one more person from the danger of COVID-19.
How many people should die from COVID-19?
Stupid! Are you just going to die of COVID-19 without any countermeasure?
For your information, you have to take a parasite medicine once or twice a year. If you want to protect yourself, be sure to read the following.
Please, read it from beginning to end.

[COVID-19 Victory Campaign]

Let's get over COVID-19 together.
If you do this, you can overcome COVID-19.
Buy albendazole(parasiticide) at the pharmacy. some of the albendazol is left at home, some are carried in clothes.
If you have acute respiratory distress symptoms in relation to COVID-19, or if you are positive after the COVID-19 test, take one pill of albendazole. After a week, take an extra dose of albendazol. I think it will be much better for you to treat COVID-19. If we do that, our human immune system will surely Victory

Dear global village family!
I'd like to give you a little help with COVID-19.

Albendazole- parasiticide, Recommend Alternative Drugs

WHO model Prescribing Information
Drugs used in HIV-infections
World Health Organization
p.28~29, Albendazole
Clinical information
Treatment and suppression of microsporidial infections

COVID-19 – RNA Virus
HIV - RNA Virus

Reason for judgment:
Personally, I believe that albendazole is effective in COVID-19 .
The basis for the judgment is as follows.
(RNA virus Treatment + Parasiticide + Overcoming the resistant mutant virus = COVID-19 Treatment)
1.There is a case of natural healing (taking albendazole) at home after the coronation of COVID-19.
2.COVID-19 is also a RNA virus with the same RNA as HIV, the cause of AIDS.
3.According to the World Health Organization(WHO) Information(1999), albendazole was used as a cure for AIDS.
4.Nature COVID-19 Information that Lemdesibir, chloroquin, and nitazoxanide, parasiticide, have been shown to be a new type of corona inhibitor. The parasiticide albendazole is similar in efficacy and effect to the parasiticide nitazoxanide.
5.There is an example of COVID-19 in the comments in the Korea Economic Daily article.
6.There's a case of COVID-19 in the comments in the Sisaweek(Korea) article.
7.There's an article that says Niclosamide, the parasiticide, showed very powerful anti-viral activity in COVID-19.
8. Nature Scientific Reports in August 2018 said, " Fenbendazole acts as a moderate microtubule destabilizing agent and causes cancer cell death by modulating multiple cellular pathways, and Cancer cells do not develop drug resistance." The same effect can be achieved for the Albendazole and the mebendazole, whose structure is similar to that of Penbendazol. Thus, it can be free from problems caused by resistant mutant virus of COVID-19.

I recommend you to take the Albendazole-parasiticide, the COVID-19 alternative drug. “I take one pill a week after I take it”. COVID-19 negative result. I saw newspaper article.

COVID-19 can be cured completely with a parasiticide that has treated infectious diseases caused by RNA viruses(Include resistant mutant virus).

Albendazole, etc.

There is no officially recognized cure at this point. Given that clinical trials of treatments typically take from one to a year to six months, acute patients need an alternative. So I recommend it as an alternative drug.
If COVID-19 spreads to the community, it's questionable whether they can be treated in the same quarantine facility as they are today. This means you have to protect yourself.

Albendazole was developed in 1975. It is listed on WHO's list of most effective and safe medicines that are essential to the health care system

You can take the albendazol now for the purpose of catching parasites

However, those with liver disease, pregnant women, and infants under 24 months old should not eat it.
For your information, those who plan to give birth should not take albendazol for their future child. Also, there is no misuse or abuse of albendazol.

Please promote this article widely.
You can save your precious family and neighbors.
I am writing this for our precious global family.
I look forward to your kind cooperation.
Thank you very much.

in hopes of our Victory
March 25, 2020
In a broad sense, from your family.......

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