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and neither had the humans nor all the things that had perceived themse
lves to keep the ideal and existential
conception in the Ghosun governmen
t ruined lived through the individual meaning of an existence ; the Ghosu
n‘ peoples should have robbed the imperialist Japan of  their valuable assets of the culture , as remained indifferent into the ruined fatality, besides the chief fortresses served the Japanese ‘ economic purpose of a policy aimed at the system of a impediment(兵站 基地和)( that was established  a bridgehead of the war of which the one had been a supplied  with a
munition that they should go to an all out - war against all of the countries in the Asia on the Sea of the Pacific ) were made to be exploited to be under the strategic command of the imperialist Japan military by means of a thorough and unscrupulous trick in the Ghosun of a colony , of which had been continued on a permanent (悠久限) history of the Yi - Ghosun , such that  a geographical conditions and a profit of the economic zone effected on the location to the island of Dok -do did serve the best target , too
A time had expanded to the extent of the years in which

(the time when) it have passed , passed , and ceased to be consecutively stopped , but it had the destiny of the earth brought to a conclusion (歸結 )into the fallen and and desperate swamp as if all of the things existed to be swallowed and breathed into a mass of flames in the heart in the everlas
ting end has been seemed to be scheduled to be poured into a fierce flame with a cats and dogs in a sometimes to the world . The very civilization in the present  and a pheno
menological appearance as like the mirage in the one hadn‘t been so resulted from the trial and error in the modern and present (that) there was litrle an incessant issues gotten over yesterday, as yet it was used to be continued on ....
There wouldn‘t love to have an emphasis on a bygones or forgiveness those whom implanted  into the spiritual mentalism of Yi-dynasty , only to be succeeded to the one  to the past affairs which the imperalist Japan had committed the crucial and disas trous mistakes , and which they were  den ied themselves to be admitted to , either.
Let‘s think over far more preference in the future

in which (the time when) the South-korea   will have been founded the rich and power ful country superior to the most power of Japan todays to the past given ourselves to a gruesome memories(傷魂) under the far and long command of the severe colony of the imperialist Japan, and kept the hostile feeling in ours mind  with the conservative manner and behavior to them  according as all of the Japanese peoples hadn‘t  made    the only Korea of an unique tradition and c
ulture to be scarred the red - history of a colony and of the ceased tragedy in separa
tion from the South - korea and the North one , but most of the politician from the ultra - party of the Japan might have taken the mean , right and favorable tactics ‘part in an incessant and urgent diplomacy in the mutual relations and treaties to the other developed countries , so as their mean tricks had been participated in the invasion and the colony of the Ghosun .

In the manner way, the history of the korea n peninsula had been intruded and fallen into the suppressive  and diplomatic negotation to the mutual nonaggression treaties (相互 不可侵 條約) with the imperi alist Japan, only to be ruined into the Yi - dynasty  in the end . To tell the truth without to the point to see no doubt , the Ghosun ‘s government might have acknowledg ed to be

the fatal fault in that a multitudes of a politicians of the fallen Ghosun admitted themselves to obey under  the absolute order and rule of the imperialist Japan  to keep much more the only their wealths and an abuse of the power than a numbers of a peoples rooted to trace on the sole culture and custom had been sweated to be under the command of the mean and brutal exploitation policy of a colony should be a subordinate peoples under the implantation into the citizens of yellow  chrysanthemum in the great imperialist Japan , and those who has been called to be the members of
many politicians , captain of industry and professionalist in university in a friendly accquaintence with the right partisan in the Japanese politics (親日派) should have felt the strong responsibility that the very histor
y of Ghosun in which (the time when) had been composed of the only unique country to the similiar  culture and system from the capit al to the province on the one‘s  groun
d had collapsed into pieces to a heart , and either, they were approved of the record of performances of which

(行跡 :행적) they (an administrator of the Ghosun government ) (朝鮮 政府議 爲政者:조선 정부의 위정자) hadn‘t only been given a high praise (讚揚 : 찬양) of the policy of suppressive intrusion into the Ghosun government  and of colony in the fallen one  under the powerful imperialist Japan , but (also) led the one to diffuse , only to put into a practice of their mean projects at the head of the follower in the part of the ultra -party in the Japan - poli tics , (as ) instigating the worst tragic  and disastrous surroundings assassinated her the Ghosun‘s queen, Maeng Sung Hwng hu  that had been recognized to be the severe symbolism for  the higher prestige and self - pride  kept from a protection from the trespassing of outer - enemy ; ( such as several of the developed countries crossed over  the western direction ) into the fallen Ghosun ‘ in the end with her body stabbed , slashed and burnt down by a dagger .  Also , their offsprings have har dly scrupled at a full admission that all of them

from the great deal of inheritance kept and reserved to be dumped into a desperate swamp to the Ghosun ‘s independence under the control of a colonist Japan and the exploited and suppressed ppulaces  for their sake of the preposterous pile of the wealth and the assur ed guarantee of status resulted into too much excessive part  in the skillful spy or the members of a spontaneous  provoc ateur (密偵 ) so that their ancestories mig ht  have  prevented  the fallen Ghosun‘ gov ernment and a gre at numbers of the breth rens from being set free to be under the se vere control of the imperialist Japan have made no trial to admit their grandfathers or fathers committed the clear criminal of their own accord , but even

they would be intentionally accustomed to being rationalized the behavior of their anc estors of w hich were sought in favor of th e imperialist Japan whenever  the fallen G hosun govern ment had been controlled to be under the colony of the one by way of the subject of some political groups who ( have been )  consisted of the only pile-up of the power and the promotion of the one by the shameless and rationalized means of all of the purpose ( in which ) )whatever it may be out of the rule , it should be inn ocent and   without even the resolution to  the urgent issues  throughout  the unique history  of the diplomatic insults (恥辱 )and  the hard stains apart from the reason and change (汚點)  handed down from the ruin ed Ghosun dy nasty to the south - korea in which as it was used to have looked like being cons isted of the only sole concept ion into the same as a unique blood relati ve , a regio nal relation and the ideological confucianism .
To be frank with you to say that :

the relationship between  the assailant and the victim haven‘t only been adhered to be both in spirit and in logic at the first begi nning of the history , and either they have been born , no matter what they may be thought over and inspected into from the view - point of the originality that would have been less in a good harmony with the efficient balance , association and unif ication  to the humans , the capital , the metalistic convenience and the political and religious separation  and isolation from a multitude of a diverse desires and ideological conceptions than in reality  the further implanted and transplanted differ ences from the traced division of that must have have a favorable effect on many a severe dispute (分爭) , an awesome war, an incessant friction of the religion from the peculiar countries as like being con sequently happened to be the profound and hostile emotion and the unfriendly connection brought to too much serious discussion about whether the significant position in the original trace of the psychol ogical and spiritual religion in the belief of a peoples between the Israle and the Pale stain in which ( the reason why) had been built up under the const ruction into the im plantation of the absolute worship for the one and only God (紐帶敎) under the con trol and per secution of the republican go vernment in the Empire Rome from the past years  bef ore a long time in the hum an world on the earth had been located to the former or the latter ?
All of the peoples could have been undertaken to be in the assaulter‘s part ,and so did  they undertake to be under the victim‘s

To be sure , to be condemned to the sentence to the connection with  wrongdoer (加害者) and the sufferer (被害者)  from the mistake of a criminal in the past history ‘s witness (證言臺 ), the former one who had been fallen into the last Ghosun governme
nt was attributed to the very politician of Ghosun whose had been doubled - crosse
d to  the Ghosun dynasty their roots , impl antation and inheritance handed down fro m the prestigious forefathers for the purpo
se of their private advantages preferred  to struggle with  the fidelity and patriotism for the government of Ghosun , and to the fav
orable  and ultra -  right politicians in the imperialist Japan at the expense of  many a Japanese‘ s  suffer from the wretched results  into the war basic to the

sole worship for  the only king in equivalen
ce to the position of the God , whose  had been effected on the strong power of the spirit as it used to be the something being alive from the image of mystery , not to be fallen from an inpact on the internal  meani ngfulness from the modern times to the present ones in the imperialist Japan . ˝ 반딧불(䗲)之 墓 in whoch  Miyajaki Hayaou  animation director  had been produced on the screen - movie (1988 ) would have bee
n showed up the desperate , disastrous , w
retched convincing of the worst reality into which the reason why  the imperialist Japan under construction of the massive colony empire with the intention to control all of the Asia from  the beginning of a impedim enta of the Ghosun government supplied with a munition of war had been broken out the Pacific war , and that they were defeated to be ruined into a carpet bombi ng dropped to the Hyirosyma in the Japan by the counterattack of the powerful united states of America. There was

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宿命의 對鍊 (숙•명 그리고 대•련)
구조는 문명의 사각 터널 속뿌리가 진동하는 곳
길게 뚫고 달려 나가는 레일의 선로 끝에 구조는 조각하고 있다.
우주 위에 우•주가 祭壇(제단)하여 세워 갔던 성곽의 곳곳에는 휭 하니 마모되어진 한 줌의 흙이 모래로 흩어지고 열고 닫는 바람의 접경지대 에 기억은 아우라를 치다 돌아 온다.
냄새가 쫓는 기억의 고향은 피들리에의 색조 누각
천년이 보내오는 기•다•림의 소리 끝에는 메아리의 한 곡조 날아 올랐다. 옛 성터에 멈추어진 소리의 시간은 욕망의 일그러진 분•쇄
삶과 죽음이 억만 겁을 못 내 아쉬워  금척으로 내리 꽃았다는 비문의 쐐기들
문이 처음부터라고 감추려고 하였던 것은 인간의 秘史話(비사화)
시간이 쪼개고 쪼개져 다시 들어 서는 비•문
어제는 慫慂(종용)하는 천년의 天鼓社稷(천고사직)
오늘은 두드리는 肅然(숙연)의 검은 바다
간다! 영혼이 시간의 짙은 그림자를 겹으로 흐트리고서
풀어헤치는 두개의 달이 그림자로 응수하고 있는 것은  正念(정념)의 시간이 결속한 진•실 그리고 회•유의 受諾(수락)

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나를 광고하여 본다.
홀로서기는 아니다.
내가 해내야만 하는 일이기에
겨울이 참 길다.
활기있게 시간을 Decorating 하는 벙법들은 사람들 머다 다양하다.나는 아렇게 시간을 가꾸고 싶다.
˝내가 지금 솔직히˝ 나 자신한테 편지를 쓰고 있다.
나 자신과 나 자아한테~
용기 충전 시간
의욕 Up
무수한 단어들이 쌓여 있다 쏟아져 나올 듯 한테 내가 나 자신한테 그 말을 밖으로 끄집어 내어 낱말 을 나란히 붙여 보고 아니면 걸어 보려 하면 옆에....
아직 잘 붙지 않는다.
광고를 해야 하는 시기.....

40대 후반의 끝자락
업이란 무엇인지
그 것의 숨겨진 말이 무엇을 끈질기게 하고픈 것인지
아주 조용한 것 처럼 보여도 조용하지 않고
아주 평온한 날이어라 하여도 평온함이 익어 갈 수 없는 처연한 이유들의 내밀한 육성
너는 기나긴 시간의 무엇이련??
산이었고 바다였던 시절
넌, 넌.....
멈추어지지 않는 거파른 산의 오~름 이다.
무엇이 긴 느낌표 안에 갇혀버린 외진 사다리
그림자 안엔 햇살이 없다. 오래전의 아주 옛날 문이란??
들고 나감의 조용한 비밀 질서
강렬한 반사 그릇의 芙蓉井

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How did it have coming out ours ordinarity and reality through the closed consideration Today ??

Happened it to be occurred by the instant circumstance at now without no paused instance , how did we have make our face some grimace at the simultaneous feature with no anyone said to have done the first awkward and obstinate grimace .....

Now, is there who go to the destination into the placed station not to be remained or arrived at the ending one ??

The time
Our place
ours lives

Is there it go forward passing into the three house called to be the past , the present , and in the future , and some more today or yesterday.

As the science have spread with some unlimited and innovative energy in the world with no something changed into the desperate consideration and behavior , so did it have dreaming of the magnificent and tremendous dream with many a by the circumstance clutched out  a string of the hope into the unchangeable , existential meaning fulness .

​​To go beyond the beauty is gone beyond the impressive persons in the future !

Because of the man‘s and the human‘s progress for the time‘s leaping ,and for the outlived surival with the instinct , the desire , and the death. The revolution into the result from the science for the devout necessiry throughout the several century of the times, and so is there the scientific system of the recognition in which we have recognized ˝for what˝or  ˝of what ˝  into seeing , confronting , and realizing  . and then we have to do working on what we have developed the worthy ,and meaningful science for the better direction of the double -crossed side of the scientific techn ology

Nowadays running at the faster and swifter  speed over the central  modernism under the civilization, so is there it have developed the phys ical  mentalism on the build-up the powerful plutocrat surrounded by the surrounding result into the only  scientific necessity , longing , fortune and interest not to the even build -up of the welfarism in that all the people have been supported with the wealth and the satisfaction which it should have surrounded by the benefit and solicitude by the view of the taken surrounding circumstance all around the  severe , lawful, diverse society .

Surely, so is to say that it haven‘t too said to ourselves for this phemoneon caused from the self - thinkable effect on the its only necessity to make an ends meet  and development on every day .​

​How did it have coming out ours ordinary
Our time would go toward for somewhat an irrational , reasonable enviroment not to have resolved one in case (as if) it would have determined the utility of the scientific production  for future.

The human is weak , and but does the humanity‘s name have grown the strong energy by the surrounding in life .

Nowadays It is the scientific feature in which (that) it  have built up the structual institution caused by the side effect on the qualitic exceed with the mentalic expansionism

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