【Short Story】
수상작 October in the Chair /닐 게이먼(Neil Gaiman)
Creation /(Jeffrey Ford)
Familiar /(China Miéville)
The Little Cat Laughed to See Such Sport /(Michael Swanwick)
The Hunters of Pangaea /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
In Paradise /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
The Hanging Curve /(Gardner Dozois)
The Waif /(Gene Wolfe)
Social Dreaming of the Frin / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
'Hello,' Said the Stick /(Michael Swanwick)
What I Didn't See /(Karen Joy Fowler)
Shields of Mars /(Gene Wolfe)
The Seasons of the Ansarac / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Candy Art /(James Patrick Kelly)
Her Father's Eyes /(Kage Baker)
If Lions Could Speak: Imaging the Alien /(Paul Park)
I Saw the Light /(Terry Bisson)
Lambing Season/ (Molly Gloss)
Hunter's Moon /(Patricia A. McKillip)
The Long Chase /(Geoffrey A. Landis)
She Sees My Monsters Now /(Robert Reed)
Droplet /(Benjamin Rosenbaum)
Knapsack Poems /(Eleanor Arnason)
The Invisible Empire /(John Kessel)
Dirty Little War /(Michael Swanwick)
The War of the Worldviews /(James Morrow)
At Dorado /(Geoffrey A. Landis)
Some Other Time/ (Ray Vukcevich)
Flight Correction /(Ken Wharton)

수상작 「당신의 인생의 이야기」 Stories of Your Life and Others /테드 창(Ted Chiang) →행복한 책읽기

The Birthday of the World and Other Stories / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Worlds Enough and Time /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
The Collected Stories of Greg Bear /그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
Everything's Eventual /스티븐 킹(Stephen King)
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant and Other Stories /(Jeffrey Ford)
Black Projects (White Knights: The Company Dossiers /(Kage Baker)
Bright Segment: The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon (Volume VIII)/시오도어 스타 존(Theodore Sturgeon)
Strange But Not a Stranger /(James Patrick Kelly)
Waifs and Strays /(Charles de Lint)
Report to the Men's Club and Other Stories /(Carol Emshwiller)
Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick/ (Philip K. Dick)
Martians and Madness: The Complete SF Novels of Fredric Brown /프레드릭 브라운(Fredric Brown)
Little Doors /(Paul Di Filippo)
Phase Space /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Smoke Ghost & Other Apparitions /(Fritz Leiber)
Going for Infinity/ 폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
Counting Up, Counting Down /(Harry Turtledove)
Toast and Other Rusted Futures /(Charles Stross)
Nightmare at 20,000 Feet /(Richard Matheson)
Maps: The Uncollected John Sladek /(John Sladek)

수상작The Year's Best Science Fiction: Nineteenth Annual Collection Ed:/(Gardner Dozois)
The Hard SF Renaissance Ed:/(David G. Hartwell) & (Kathryn Cramer)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fifteenth Annual Collection Ed:/(Ellen Datlow) & (Terri Windling)
Mars Probes Ed:/(Peter Crowther)
The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest Ed:/(Ellen Datlow) & (Terri Windling)
Conjunctions 39: The New Wave Fabulists Ed:/(Peter Straub)
Year's Best SF 7 Ed:/(David G. Hartwell) & (Kathryn Cramer)
Leviathan Three Ed:/(Jeff VanderMeer) & (Forrest Aguirre)
30th Anniversary DAW: Science Fiction Ed:/(Elizabeth R. Wollheim) & (Sheila E. Gilbert)
Year's Best Fantasy 2 Ed:/(David G. Hartwell) & (Kathryn Cramer)
Polyphony, Volume1 Ed:/(Deborah Layne) & (Jay Lake)
Dark Terrors 6 Ed:/(Stephen Jones) & (David Sutton)
Robert Silverberg Presents The Great SF Stories (1964) Ed:/로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg) (Martin H. Greenberg)
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 13 Ed:/(Stephen Jones)
Nebula Awards Showcase 2002 Ed:/(Kim Stanley Robinson)
The Mammoth Book of Science Fiction Ed:/(Mike Ashley)
Worlds That Weren't Ed:/(Laura Anne Gilman)

수상작 Tomorrow Now: Envisioning the Next Fifty Years /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
Harlan Ellison: The Edge of Forever /(Ellen Weil) & (Gary K. Wolfe)
Better to Have Loved: The Life of Judith Merril /(Judith Merril) & (Emily Pohl-Weary)
The Battle of the Sexes in Science Fiction/ (Justine Larbalestier)
Clive Barker: The Dark Fantastic /(Douglas E. Winter)
The Age of Chaos: The Multiverse of Michael Moorcock/ (Jeff Gardiner)
Supernatural Fiction Writers: Contemporary Fantasy and Horror (Second Edition)(Volumes I,II) Ed:/(Richard Bleiler)
John W. Campbell's Golden Age of Science Fiction /(Eric Solstein)
Mervyn Peake: My Eyes Mint Gold: A Life/ (Malcolm Yorke)
The Science Fiction of Cordwainer Smith /(Karen L. Hellekson)
L. Frank Baum: Creator of Oz/ (Katharine M. Rogers)
Starlight Man: The Extraordinary Life of Algernon Blackwood /(Mike Ashley)
A. E. van Vogt: Science Fantasy's Icon /(H. L. Drake)

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【SF Novel】
수상작 The Years of Rice and Salt /(Kim Stanley Robinson)
Kiln People /데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Bones of the Earth /(Michael Swanwick)
Redemption Ark /(Alastair Reynolds)
Coyote /(Allen Steele)
Light /(M. John Harrison)
Shadow Puppets /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
Chindi /(Jack McDevitt)
The Separation /(Christopher Priest)
Schild's Ladder /그랙 이간(Greg Egan)
The Mount /(Carol Emshwiller)
Probability Space /(Nancy Kress)
Guardian /죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman)
Engine City /(Ken MacLeod)
Ruled Britannia /(Harry Turtledove)
Evolution /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Vitals/ 그랙 베어(Greg Bear)
Lion's Blood/ (Steven Barnes)
The Impossible Bird /(Patrick O'Leary)
The Sky So Big and Black /(John Barnes)
The Visitor /(Sheri S. Tepper)
Light Music /(Kathleen Ann Goonan)
Diplomatic Immunity /로이스 맥마스타 부죨드(Lois McMaster Bujold)
Permanence /(Karl Schroeder)
The Praxis /(Walter Jon Williams)
Spaceland /루디 러커(Rudy Rucker)
The Omega Expedition /(Brian Stableford)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 The Scar /(China Miéville)
Night Watch /(Terry Pratchett)
A Winter Haunting /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
White Apples /(Jonathan Carroll)
Kushiel's Chosen/ (Jacqueline Carey)
Lost in a Good Book /(Jasper Fforde)
Ombria in Shadow /(Patricia A. McKillip)
The Portrait of Mrs. Charbuque /(Jeffrey Ford)
The Fall of the Kings /(Ellen Kushner) & (Delia Sherman)
A Fistful of Sky /(Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
The Alchemist's Door /(Lisa Goldstein)
Voyage of the Shadowmoon /(Sean McMullen)
The Facts of Life /(Graham Joyce)
The Iron Grail /(Robert Holdstock)
The Isle of Battle /(Sean Russell)
A Bed of Earth /(Tanith Lee)
The Lady of the Sorrows /(Cecilia Dart-Thornton)
Castles Made of Sand /(Gwyneth Jones)

【Young Adult Novel】
수상작 Coraline /닐 게이먼(Neil Gaiman)
「아바라트」 Abarat /클라이브 바커(Clive Barker) → 청해
Summerland /(Michael Chabon)
A Wizard Alone /(Diane Duane)
House of the Scorpion/ (Nancy Farmer)
The Thief Lord/ (Cornelia Funke)
Protector of the Small: Lady Knight /(Tamora Pierce)
City of the Beasts/ (Isabel Allende)
The Storm Weaver & the Sand/ (Sean Williams)
Feed/ (M. T. Anderson)

【First Novel】
수상작 A Scattering of Jades /(Alexander C. Irvine)
The Golden Age /(John C. Wright)
Altered Carbon/ (Richard Morgan)
Solitaire /(Kelley Eskridge)
The Atrocity Archive /(Charles Stross)
Warchild/ (Karin Lowachee)
The Summer Country /(James A. Hetley)
Fires of the Faithful /(Naomi Kritzer)
The Red Church /(Scott Nicholson)
The God Who Begat a Jackal /(Nega Mezlekia)
Just Like Beauty/ (Lisa Lerner)
The Eye of Night (Pauline J. Alama)

수상작 The Tain /(China Miéville)
Paradises Lost / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
A Year in the Linear /(Paul Di Filippo)
Seven Wild Sisters /(Charles de Lint)
Stories for Men /(John Kessel)
Riding the Rock /(Stephen Baxter)
Breathmoss /(Ian R. MacLeod)
The Human Front /(Ken MacLeod)
Turquoise Days /(Alastair Reynolds)
The Potter of Bones/ (Eleanor Arnason)
The Political Officer (/Charles Coleman Finlay)
Bronte's Egg /(Richard Chwedyk)
Over Yonder /(Lucius Shepard)
Router /(Charles Stross)
The Drive-In Puerto Rico /(Lucius Shepard)
Veritas /(Robert Reed)
El Dia de los Muertos /(Brian A. Hopkins)
Singleton /그랙 이건(Greg Egan)
The Least Trumps /(Elizabeth Hand)
In Spirit /(Pat Forde)
In the Garden of Poisonous Flowers /(Caitl R. Kiernan)
Ring Rats R•/(R. Garcia y Robertson)
Unseen Demons /(Adam-Troy Castro)
A Speaker for the Wooden Sea/ (Ian Watson)
Ransom /(Albert E. Cowdrey)
Doctor Pretorius and the Lost Temple /(Paul J. McAuley)
Jury Service /(Charles Stross) & (Cory Doctorow)

수상작 The Wild Girls / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
「외모지상주의 대한 소고 -다큐멘터리」 Liking What You See :A Documentary /테드 창(Ted Chiang) → 당신의 인생이야기/행복한 책읽기

A Walking Tour of the Shambles /(Gene Wolfe) & 닐 게이먼(Neil Gaiman)
Slow Life /(Michael Swanwick)
Halo /(Charles Stross)
Lull /(Kelly Link)
The Clear Blue Seas of Luna /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
A Martian Theodicy /(Paul Di Filippo)
Tourist /(Charles Stross)
In for a Penny or The Man Who Believed in Himself /(James P. Blaylock)
The Big Rock Candy Mountain /(Andy Duncan)
Lying to Dogs /(Robert Reed)
Something by the Sea /(Jeffrey Ford)
The Weight of Words /(Jeffrey Ford)
Madonna of the Maquiladora/ (Gregory Frost)
Presence /(Maureen F. McHugh)
Lost Sorceress of the Silent Citadel /(Michael Moorcock)
The Likely Lad /(Kage Baker)
Little Red's Tango /(Peter Straub)
V. A. O. /(Geoff Ryman)
The Hidden Place /이언 맥도날드(Ian McDonald)
We Come Not to Praise Washington /(Charles Coleman Finlay)
Chichen Itza/ (Alex Irvine)
The Old Cosmonaut and the Construction Worker Dream of Mars /이언 맥도날드(Ian McDonald)
The Passenger /(Paul J. McAuley)
A Flock of Birds/ (James Van Pelt)
The Real Story /(Alastair Reynolds)
Look Away /(Stephen L. Burns)
The Most Famous Little Girl in the World /(Nancy Kress)
Watching Matthew /(Damon Knight)
Our Friend Electricity /(Ron Wolfe)
Pavane for a Prince of the Air /(Elizabeth Hand)
The Children's Crusade /(Robert Reed)

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【Short Story】
수상작 The Bones of the Earth /어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
The Dog Said Bow-Wow /(Michael Swanwick)
Incognita, Inc. /(Harlan Ellison)
The Ghost Pit /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Senator Bilbo /(Andy Duncan)
In Glory Like Their Star /(Gene Wolfe)
Grey Earth /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Anomalies /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Creature /(Carol Emshwiller)
The Milk of Human Kindness /(Brian Stableford)
Ave de Paso /(Catherine Asaro)
Queen /(Gene Wolfe)
The Building / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
The Shadow /(Thomas M. Disch)
Charlie's Angels /(Terry Bisson)
Cut (Megan Lindholm)
Unique Visitors /(James Patrick Kelly)
His Own Back Yard /(James P. Blaylock)
The Honeyed Knot /(Jeffrey Ford)
Small Houses /(James P. Blaylock)
The Infodict /(James Van Pelt)
A Slow Saturday Night at the Surrealist Sporting Club /(Michael Moorcock)
Exclusion/ (Daniel Abraham)
The Black Heart /-(Patrick O'Leary)
What We Did That Summer /(Kathe Koja) & (Barry N. Malzberg)
The God of Dark Laughter //(Michael Chabon)
Little Brother /(Walter Mosley)
The Ground He Stood On/ (J. R. Dunn)
The Exchange, by Nicholas Sporlander/ (Jeff VanderMeer)
Self-Portrait, with Melanoma/ (Final Draft)
Non-Disclosure Agreement /(Scott Westerfeld)

수상작 Tales from Earthsea/ 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
The Collected Stories /(Arthur C. Clarke)
The Collected Stories of Vernor Vinge /(Vernor Vinge)
From These Ashes: The Complete Short SF of Fredric Brown /프레드릭 브라운(Fredric Brown)
Skin Folk /(Nalo Hopkinson)
The Complete Science Fiction of William Tenn: Volume One, Immodest Proposals /(William Tenn)
Stranger Things Happen/ /(Kelly Link)
The Other Nineteenth Century /(Avram Davidson)
Strange Trades /(Paul Di Filippo)
The Complete Short Stories /(J. G. Ballard)
Trigger & Friends /(James H. Schmitz)
Night Moves and Other Stories /(Tim Powers)
Thirteen Phantasms /(James P. Blaylock)
City of Saints and Madmen: The Book of Ambergris/ (Jeff VanderMeer)
Quartet /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Strange Days: Fabulous Journeys with Gardner Dozois /(Gardner Dozois)
Meet Me in the Moon Room /(Ray Vukcevich)
Impact Parameter and Other Quantum Realities /(Geoffrey A. Landis)
Futureland /(Walter Mosley)
50 in 50/ (Harry Harrison)
Stories for an Enchanted Afternoon /(Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
The Man with the Barbed-Wire Fists /(Norman Partridge)
Other Voices, Other Doors /-(Patrick O'Leary)
Claremont Tales /(Richard A. Lupoff)
Jubilee /(Jack Dann)

수상작 The Year's Best Science Fiction: Eighteenth Annual Collection Ed:/(Gardner Dozois)
The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Fourteenth Annual Collection Ed:/(Ellen Datlow) & (Terri Windling)
Redshift Ed:/(Al Sarrantonio)
Starlight 3 Ed:/(Patrick Nielsen Hayden)
Year's Best SF 6 Ed:/(David G. Hartwell)
Futures Ed:/(Peter Crowther)
Year's Best Fantasy Ed:/(David G. Hartwell) & (Kathryn Cramer)
The SFWA Grand Masters, Volume 3 Ed:/프레드릭 폴(Frederik Pohl)
Masterpieces: The Best Science Fiction of the Century Ed:/오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
A Woman's Liberation Ed:/코니 윌리스(Connie Willis) & (Sheila Williams)
The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century Ed:/(Harry Turtledove) & (Martin H. Greenberg)
Nebula Awards Showcase 2001 Ed:/로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Night Visions 10 Ed:/(Richard Chizmar)
Superman: Tales of the Posthuman Future Ed/(Gardner Dozois)
Worldmakers: SF Adventures in Terraforming Ed/(Gardner Dozois)
The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, Volume 12 Ed/(Stephen Jones)
The Best Military Science Fiction of the 20th Century Ed:/(Harry Turtledove) & (Martin H. Greenberg)

Winner Being Gardner Dozois Ed:/(Michael Swanwick)
Meditations on Middle-Earth Ed:/(Karen Haber)
Deep Future /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
What If Our World Is Their Heaven? The Final Conversations of Philip K. Dick Ed:/(Gwen Lee) & (Doris Elaine Sauter)
The Time Machines: The Story of the Science-Fiction Pulp Magazines from the Beginning to 1950 /(Mike Ashley)
Sticks and Stones: The Troublesome Success of Children's Literature from Slovenly Peter to Harry Potter/ (Jack Zipes)
Book of the Dead: Friends of Yesteryear: Fictioneers & Others /(E. Hoffmann Price)
Space and Beyond: The Frontier Theme in Science Fiction Ed:/(Gary Westfahl)
The Martian Named Smith: Critical Perspectives on Robert A. Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land/ (William H. Patterson, Jr.) & (Andrew Thornton)
The Hidden Library of Tanith Lee: Themes and Subtexts from Dionysos to the Immortal Gene/ (Mavis Haut)
Storyteller: The Official Orson Scott Card Bibliography and Guide /(Michael R. Collings)
Shadows in the Attic: A Guide to British Supernatural Fiction 1820-1950 /(Neil Wilson)
Ramsey Campbell and Modern Horror Fiction/ (S. T. Joshi)

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【SF Novel】
수상작 Passage /코니 월리스(Connie Willis)
「헤게몬의 그림자」 Shadow of the Hegemon /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)→엔더위긴 시리즈 국내에는 언제 출간될는지???
The Chronoliths /(Robert Charles Wilson)
Return to the Whorl /(Gene Wolfe)
Defender /(C. J. Cherryh)
Cosmonaut Keep /(Ken MacLeod)
Nekropolis /(Maureen F. McHugh)
Probability Sun /(Nancy Kress)
Chasm City /(Alastair Reynolds)
Origin: Manifold 3 /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
The Pickup Artist /(Terry Bisson)
Ship of Fools/ (Richard Paul Russo)
Terraforming Earth /(Jack Williamson)
Appleseed/ (John Clute)
The Secret of Life /(Paul J. McAuley)
The Merchants of Souls /(John Barnes)
Dark Light /(Ken MacLeod)
Metaplanetary /(Tony Daniel)
Dervish Is Digital /(Pat Cadigan)
Going, Going, Gone /(Jack Womack)
Limit of Vision /(Linda Nagata)
The Cassandra Complex /(Brian Stableford)
Eyes of the Calculor /(Sean McMullen)
Maelstrom /(Peter Watts)
The Eyre Affair /(Jasper Forde)
A Paradigm of Earth /(Candas Jane Dorsey)
Deepsix /(Jack McDevitt)
Whole Wide World /(Paul J. McAuley)
Angel of Destruction /(Susan R. Matthews)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 신들의 전쟁 American Gods /닐 게이먼(Neil Gaiman) →황금가지
The Other Wind / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
The Curse of Chalion /로이스 맥마스타 부죨드(Lois McMaster Bujold)
The Wooden Sea /(Jonathan Carroll)
Thief of Time /(Terry Pratchett)
The Onion Girl /(Charles de Lint)
Black House /(Stephen King) & (Peter Straub)
From the Dust Returned /(Ray Bradbury)
Otherland: Sea of Silver Light (Tad Williams)
Fool's Errand /(Robin Hobb)
The Dreamthief's Daughter /(Michael Moorcock)
Smoking Poppy /(Graham Joyce)
Mother of Kings /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
Coldheart Canyon /클라이브 바커(Clive Barker)
Lirael /(Garth Nix)
Past the Size of Dreaming /(Nina Kiriki Hoffman)
The Beyond /(Jeffrey Ford)
Kushiel's Dart /(Jacqueline Carey)
Bold as Love/ (Gwyneth Jones)
The House in the High Woold/ (Jeffrey E. Barlough)
Dead Until Dark/ (Charlaine Harris)
The Shadows of God /(J. Gregory Keyes)
The One Kingdom/ (Sean Russell)
The Hauntings of Hood Canal /(Jack Cady)
Lost/ (Gregory Maguire)

【First Novel】
수상작 Kushiel's Dart /(Jacqueline Carey)
The Eyre Affair/ (Jasper Fforde)
The Ill-Made Mute/ (Cecilia Dart-Thornton)
The Ghost Sister/ (Liz Williams)
Alien Taste /(Wen Spencer)
Divine Intervention /(Ken Wharton)
Ill Met by Moonlight /(Sarah A. Hoyt)
Illumination /(Terry McGarry)
Dance of Knives/ (Donna McMahon)
Inca/ (Suzanne Alle Blom)
Archangel Protocol/ (Lyda Morehouse)
Swim the Moon /(Paul Brandon)
Eccentric Circles/ (Rebecca Lickiss)
The Love-Artist/ (Jane Alison)
Enemy Glory/ (Karen Michalson)
Children of the Shaman/ (Jessica Rydill)

수상작 The Finder /어슐라 K 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Fast Times at Fairmont High /(Vernor Vinge)
The Chief Designer /(Andy Duncan)
Eternity and Afterward /(Lucius Shepard)
Stealing Alabama /(Allen Steele)
New Light on the Drake Equation /(Ian R. MacLeod)
Viewpoint /(Gene Wolfe)
Yesterday's Tomorrows /케이트 윌헬름(Kate Wilhelm)
Karuna, Inc. /(Paul Di Filippo)
The Caravan from Troon /(Kage Baker)
The Diamond Pit /(Jack Dann)
Cleopatra Brimstone /(Elizabeth Hand)
Sunday Night Yams at Minnie and Earl's /(Adam-Troy Castro)
Glacial /(Alastair Reynolds)
May Be Some Time /(Brenda W. Clough)
Silent Her /(Barry B. Longyear)

수상작 「 지옥은 신의 부재 」 Hell is the Absence of God/ 테드 창(Ted Chiang) → 당신의 인생이야기(황금가지)

On the High Marsh / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
On K2 with Kanakaredes /댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
The Lady of the Winds /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
The Old Rugged Cross /(Terry Bisson)
Isabel of the Fall /(Ian R. MacLeod)
Lobsters /(Charles Stross)
The Days Between /(Allen Steele)
Undone /(James Patrick Kelly)
In the Un-Black /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Life on Earth /(Pat Cadigan)
Have Not Have /(Geoff Ryman)
The Measure of All Things /(Richard Chwedyk)
Computer Virus /(Nancy Kress)
The Other Real World /(Howard Waldrop)
The Quijote Robot /(Robert Sheckley)
Rhido Wars /(Neal Barrett, Jr.)
Monster Story /(Kage Baker)
This Shape We're In /(Jonathan Lethem)
And No Such Things Grow Here /(Nancy Kress)
Into Greenwood /(Jim Grimsley)
Firebird /(R. Garcia y Robertson)
Know How, Can Do /(Michael Blumlein)
The Two Dicks /(Paul J. McAuley)
Major Spacer in the 21st Century /(Howard Waldrop)
Neutrino Drag /(Paul Di Filippo)
Doing the Unstuck /(Paul Di Filippo)
First to the Moon! /(Stephen Baxter) & (Simon Bradshaw)
The Boy /(Robert Reed)
The Return of Spring /(Shane Tourtellotte)
Troubadour /(Charles Stross)
The Ferryman's Wife /(Richard Bowes)
The Cat's Pajamas /(James Morrow)
Mirror /(Robert Reed)
The Applesauce Monster /(Kage Baker)
The Dread and Fear of Kings/ (Richard Paul Russo)
More Adventures on Other Planets /(Michael Cassutt)

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【SF Novel】
수상작 The Telling / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Eater /그레고리 벤포드(Gregory Benford)
Zeitgeist /블루스 스털링(Bruce Sterling)
The Coming /죠 홀드맨(Joe Haldeman)
In Green's Jungles /(Gene Wolfe)
The Sky Road /(Ken MacLeod)
Look to Windward /이언 뱅크스(Iain Banks)
Space: Manifold 2 /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Midnight Robber /(Nalo Hopkinson)
Probability Moon /(Nancy Kress)
Crescent City Rhapsody /(Kathleen Ann Goonan)
The Collapsium /(Wil McCarthy)
Marrow /(Robert Reed)
The Fountains of Youth /(Brian Stableford)
Genesis /폴 앤더슨(Poul Anderson)
The Fresco /(Sheri S. Tepper)
Shrine of Stars /(Paul J. McAuley)
Ventus /(Karl Schroeder)
Candle /(John Barnes)
Hunted /(James Alan Gardner)
Colony Fleet /(Susan R. Matthews)
Revelation Space /(Alastair Reynolds)
The Jazz /(Melissa Scott)
The Miocene Arrow 숀/(Sean McMullen)
Outlaw School /(Rebecca Ore)
Mars Crossing /(Geoffrey A. Landis)
Distance Haze /(Jamil Nasir)
Ashes of Victory /(David Weber)
Infinity Beach /(Jack McDevitt)

【Fantasy Novel】
수상작 A Storm of Swords/ 죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
Declare /팀 파워스(Tim Powers)
「호박색 망원경」 The Amber Spyglass /필립 플맨(Philip Pullman) → 김영사(절판),황금가지
Perdido Street Station /(China Miéville)
Ash: A Secret History /(Mary Gentle)
Galveston /(Sean Stewart)
Lord of Emperors /(Guy Gavriel Kay)
Forests of the Heart /(Charles de Lint)
The Truth /(Terry Pratchett)
Fortress of Dragons /(C. J. Cherryh)
The Tower at Stony Wood /(Patricia A. McKillip)
Daemonomania /(John Crowley)
A Kiss of Shadows (Laurell K. Hamilton)
Winter's Heart /(Robert Jordan)
White as Snow /(Tanith Lee)
Prophecy /(Elizabeth Haydon)
Ship of Destiny /(Robin Hobb)
「해리포터와 불의 잔」 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire /J.K 롤링(J. K. Rowling) →문학수첩

Canyons /(P. D. Cacek)
King Kelson's Bride /(Katherine Kurtz)
Empire of Unreason /(J. Gregory Keyes)
Spindle's End /(Robin McKinley)
Year of the Griffin /(Diana Wynne Jones)
Knight of the Demon Queen /(Barbara Hambly)
The Gate of Fire /(Thomas Harlan)
The Grand Ellipse /(Paula Volsky)

수상작 Radiant Green Star /(Lucius Shepard)
Oracle /그랙 이건(Greg Egan)
Path of the Dragon /죠지•R•R•마틴(George R. R. Martin)
「72 문자」 Seventy-Two Letters /테드 창(Ted Chiang) 당신의 인생이야기/행복한 책읽기→당신의 인생이야기/행복한 책읽기

Blue Kansas Sky /마이클 비숍(Michael Bishop)
Savior /(Nancy Kress)
Fly-by-Night/ 래리 니븐(Larry Niven)
The Ultimate Earth /(Jack Williamson)
Reality Dust /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings /(R. Garcia y Robertson)
Making History /(Paul J. McAuley)
Watching Trees Grow /(Peter F. Hamilton)
The Retrieval Artist /(Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Great Wall of Mars /(Alastair Reynolds)
The Forest Between the Worlds /(G. David Nordley)
Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol /(Elizabeth Hand)
Heart of Glass /(William Barton)
Crux /(Albert E. Cowdrey)
Tendeler's Story /이언 맥도날드(Ian McDonald)
The Suspect Genome /(Peter F. Hamilton)
A Place So Foreign /(Cory Doctorow)
Naming of Parts /(Tim Lebbon)
The Enclave /(Lois Tilton)
To Leuchars /(Rick Wilber)

수상작 The Birthday of the World / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
On the Orion Line /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
Snowball in Hell /(Brian Stableford)
Bloody Bunnies /(Bradley Denton)
The Elephants of Poznan /오슨 스콧 카드(Orson Scott Card)
The Other Side /(James P. Blaylock)
Lincoln in Frogmore /(Andy Duncan)
Merlin's Gun /(Alastair Reynolds)
The Rift /(Paul J. McAuley)
Primes /(Lewis Shiner)
Millennium Babies /(Kristine Kathryn Rusch)
Chitty Bang Bang /(Ian R. MacLeod)
The Pottawatomie Giant /(Andy Duncan)
Feel the Zaz /(James Patrick Kelly)
Auspicious Eggs /(James Morrow)
Wetlands Preserve /(Nancy Kress)
The Cloud Man /(Eleanor Arnason)
Bird Herding /(R. Garcia y Robertson)
The Juniper Tree //(John Kessel)
The Gulf /(Robert Reed)
Open Loops /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
In Shock /(Joyce Carol Oates)
Hideaway /(Alastair Reynolds)
The Prophet Ugly /(Robert Reed)
Hybrid /(Robert Reed)
The Dryad's Wedding /(Robert Charles Wilson)
Reef /(Paul J. McAuley)
Tenebrio /(Brian Stableford)
Chanterelle /(Brian Stableford)
The Alien Abduction /(James L. Cambias)

【Short Story】
수상작 The Missing Mass /래리 니븐(Larry Niven)
Moon Dogs /(Michael Swanwick)
Silver Ghost /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
The Royals of Hegn / 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Sheena 5 /스티븐 벡스타(Stephen Baxter)
The Raggle Taggle Gypsy-O /(Michael Swanwick)
Interstitial /(Paul J. McAuley)
Winter Quarters /(Howard Waldrop)
The Fantasy Writer's Assistant /(Jeffrey Ford)
Lucy /(Terry Bisson)
The Art of Fugue /(Charles Sheffield)
Fenneman's Mouth /(Andy Duncan)
Patient Zero /(Tananarive Due)
Our Mortal Span /(Howard Waldrop)
The War of the Worlds /(James P. Blaylock)
The Mandrake Garden /(Brian Stableford)
Partinal Eclipse /(Graham Joyce)
The Eye in the Heart /(Tanith Lee)
The Flyers of Gy: An Interplanetary Tale/ 어슐라 K. 르귄 (Ursula K. Le Guin)
Greedy Choke Puppy /(Nalo Hopkinson)
Under the Hill /(Jane Yolen)
Reality Check/ 데이비드 브린(David Brin)
Madame Bovary/ 댄 시몬즈(Dan Simmons)
The Neon Heart Murders /(M. John Harrison)
The Reluctant Book /(Paul Di Filippo)
Malthusian's Zombie /(Jeffrey Ford)
Catching Crumbs from the Table /테드 창(Ted Chiang)
Fidelity: A Primer /(Michael Blumlein)
Snow in Summer /(Jane Yolen)
How Beautiful With Banners /(Michael Bishop)
The Foster Child /(William Browning Spencer)
The Millennial Express /로버트 실버버그(Robert Silverberg)
Steppenpferd /(Brian W. Aldiss)
Colours of the Soul /(Sean McMullen)

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