Johnnie Walker Red

A unique blend of over 40 whiskies each chosen for its special contribution to the original recipe.

 Johnnie Walker Black Label

Johnnie Walker Black Label has a complex aroma of dry smokiness mixed with raisin sweetness and freshened by orange zest and citrus oils.

Johnnie Walker Green 15YO 700m

Johnnie Walker Pure Malt Whisky: Blend of a range of superb single malts, complexity and subtlety in Malt Whisky.

  Johnnie Walker Gold Label

 Johnnie Walker Blue

Glenfiddich Reserve 30 Year Old Malt

A finely balanced nose, with substantial oakiness matched by fruit & luscious sherry notes.

 Macleay Duff

The high proportion of malt whisky in MacLeay Duff produces a perfectly balanced blend of quality and smoothness.

  McCallums Perfection

The high proportion of malt whisky in McCallum's produces a perfectly balanced blend of quality and smoothness.

  Glenfiddich Hanava Reserve 21 Year Old

 Glenfiddich Reserve 18 Year Old

Glenfiddich Ancient Reserve 18 year old has a long and round taste. Filling out the mouth and then narrowing down to a fineness in the finish.

 Glenfiddich Reserve 15 Year Old

  Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 Year Old

Glenfiddich Special Reserve 12 year old has a fresh and fragrant nose with a touch of pear. It has a distinctive, well balanced taste with rich fruit flavours, subtle pine and a hint of peatiness.

  J&B Knockando Malt

J&B Knockando is characterised by a soft, fragrant taste, with the slightest hint of almonds.

J&B Rare

J&B Rare is a colourful Scotch Whisky with layers of rich fruitiness, vanilla and restrained smokiness.

 Glenmorangie 10yr Old

Smooth, full bodied, intense & deep. A rich honey caramel sweetness with some peppery oak & deep citrus notes

 Bushmills Irish Single Malt

Bushmills is the only single malt Irish Whisky. It is produced at the oldest licensed whisky distillery in the world(distilling since 1608).

  Jameson Irish Whiskey

This is the worlds largest selling brand of Irish Whiskey. It is distilled three times for maximum smoothness and purity.

 Blackbush Irish Whiskey

Blackbush has been described as the cognac of Irish Whiskey. A single malt blended with a small quantity of single grain whisky to provide a vibrant depth of flavour.

  Chivas Regal

The world's number one premium 12yr old Scotch Whisky. It is rich and smooth with hints of apples and honey, with a full fruit and fruity taste.-

  Balvenie Double Wood Single Malt Whiskey

Balvenie Double Wood is a smooth and mellow single malt; with a complexity born of the skills which attend its ageing.

  Glen Elgin Single Malt

To this day, Glen Elgin stands our from the crowd for it's hand crafted approach to whisky making.

Talisker 10 Year Old Malt

Talisker's seaweedy, smoky nose and sweet maltiness is perfectly complemented by its spicy, long finish.

  Glen Ord Single Malt

Perilously drinkable whisky, Glen Ord has won international recognition as one of the great single malt whiskies.

  Clynelish Single Malt

Fruity, slightly smoky, consistent quality, much appreciated by connoisseurs.

  Canadian Club

Canadian Club is an authentic Canadian rye whisky, bottled since 1958.

  Famous Grouse

  Bell's 8yr Old

Bell's 8 Year Old is an outstanding whisky with a deep golden amber colour, a distinctive nutty aroma and a full, spicy flavour.

 Clan MacGregor

Clan MacGregor can be enjoyed neat, over ice, mixed with water, soda or gingerale.


A premium blend of whisky epitomising the authentic tradition of Scotch. It has a smooth mellow but robust flavour with a hint of sweetness. 

  William Grants

William Grant's has a beautifully balanced and mellow aroma, and a full rich flavour with a pleasant smooth and lingering taste.-


This grain whisky is distilled only from top quality barley grown in the Southern region on New Zealand. The grain also matures for a period in excess of 3 years.

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  Smirnoff Black

Smirnoff Black is the super-premium vodka offering a distinctive smooth mellow taste, imported directly from Russia.

 Smirnoff Blue

Perfect with mixes, shots, shakes & cocktails.

  Smirnoff Red

Smirnoff is New Zealand's and the World's number 1 selling vodka! Smirnoff is made using only the highest quality grains which is then blended, filtered and triple distilled to achieve a clean, natural and fresh vodka-

  Smirnoff Twist Citrus

Great tasting citrus flavoured vodka from the leading Vodka in the world, mix it with lemonade and garnish with lime

  Smirnoff Twist Raspberry

  Smirnoff Twist Orange

Great tasting orange flavoured vodka from the leading Vodka in the world, mix it with soda and garnish with lime

  Smirnoff Twist Green Apple

Great tasting apple flavoured vodka from the leading Vodka in the world, mix it with tonic and garnish with lime

  Smirnoff Twist Vanilla

Great tasting vanilla flavoured vodka from the leading Vodka in the world, mix it with cola and garnish with lime


Solely grain vodka which 400 years of experience has proven to produce the purest, smoothest vodka. More flavours appear if stored in refrigeration.

  Absolut Apeach

The new taste sensation from Absolut

  Absolut Citron

Absolut Mandrin

 Absolut Raspberri

Absolut Raspberri has the wild, rich and intense taste of ripened raspberries with a fresh and fruity finish

 Absolut Vanilla

 42 Below Vodka

A pure, crisp NZ vodka distilled three times then washed in spring water and distilled a fourth time to create a totally pure spirit. 42% Alcohol made for taste not tax.

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 Jose Cuervo Clasico 700ml

A smooth mellow taste - is perfect on the rocks or as a chilled shot.

  Jose Cuervo Especiale Tequila

Affectionately known as Cuervo Gold, Jose Cuervo Especiale Tequila has provided the inspiration for countless memorable moments. It is this playfulness that has helped Cuervo become one of the most recognisable spirits in the world!

  Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo Tequila

Jose Cuervo 1800 Anejo is full bodied with vanilla and toasted nut overtones, with a long finish similar to a cognac.

  Jose Curevo Agavero

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 Bacardi White

Bacardi is charcoal-filtered and then, by Australian law, must be aged for at least two years in oak barrels. It is a uniquely subtle rum that is clear in colour and light in body.-

 Bundaberg Rum

Born of the burning sugar cane fields of tropical Queensland the golden character of Bundaberg Rum has a unique, strong yet mellow taste.

 Appleton Reserve Rum

Made up of a blend of 20 different select aged rums, this full-bodied premium aged rum is smooth and mellow with a long, elegant finish. Complex aromas of brown sugar, honey and dried fruits will be found along with hints of allspice and caramel.

 Coruba Gold

Coruba has gone GOLD! Your favourite rum in a lighter, smoother blend. Definitely one for the cabinet!


New Zealand's favourite rum. Warm, rich and full flavoured, it is authentic Jamaican rum.

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De Valcourt VSOP Brandy

A Pure grape Brandy, that is aged for minimum 2 years with an extremely smooth and pleasant on the palate which includes some older Armagnacs in the blend.

 Chatelle Napoleon

This is 100% French, owned by the famous Cognac House 'Camus'. It offers the discerning brandy drinker a smooth, balanced and superior taste.

 Meukow Cognac 90 Proof

Aged 5 years. Origin: Majority Fins Bois Appearance: Old gold, brilliant with copper tints. Sensations: More Cognac, strong taste of fruits and wood.

 Meukow Cognac XO Grande

Aged 25 years old. Origin: 100% Grande Champagne Appearance: Amber hue with golden and bright tints. Sensations: Roundness, subtility, elegance, aromatic complexity and persistency.

 Meukow Cognac VSOP

Aged 10 years. Origin: Fins Bois, Petite and Grande Champagne. Appearance: Beautiful clear amber-yellow colour with gold tints. Sensations: Smoothness, velvet, harmony and balance of fruits and spices.

  Meukow Cognac VS

Aged 5 years. Origin: Majority Fins Bois Appearance: Old gold, brilliant with copper tints. Sensations: Suppleness, fruity and delicate with vanilla notes.

 Meukow Cognac Vanilla

Aged 5 years. Origin: Meukow VS + natural Vanilla aromas from vanilla sticks. Appearance: Brilliant golden hue. Silky, round and ample. Sensations: Cognac taste finished with a delicate vanilla nose.

  Raynal VSOP

 St Remy Napoleon Brandy

Tradition aged to perfection

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