나의 열 살 생일 다음 날 아침, 꽃이 활짝 핀 회화나무 가지 사이로 햇살이 비쳐 들어와 우리 집 앞 도로의 포석에 알록달록한 무늬를 그린다

-알라딘 eBook <은랑전> (켄 리우 지음, 장성주 옮김) 중에서 - P184

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On the morning after my tenth birthday, spring sunlight dapples the stone slabs of the road in front of our house through the blooming branches of the pagoda tree. - P335

She shakes her head. "I can’t eat flowers that have been touched by another hand—too infected with the mundane concerns of this dusty world." - P335

She nods. "I am indeed. The Buddha teaches us that the world is an illusion, and suffering is inevitable as long as we do not see through it. If we’re all fated to be thieves, it’s better to be a thief who adheres to a code that transcends the mundane." - P337

"To disdain the moral pronouncements of hypocrites; to be true to my word; to always do what I promise, no more and no less. To hone my talent and wield it like a beacon in a darkening world." - P337

Suspended about three feet from my face is an oblong object, about the size of my forearm and shaped like the cocoon of a silkworm. Glowing like a sliver of the moon, it gives off a light that is without warmth, shadowless. Fascinated, I crawl closer. - P339

A hand reaches out from the rip, grabs my arm, and pulls me toward the light. Before I can scream, blazing light blinds me, and I’m overwhelmed by the sensation of falling, falling from the tip of a heaven-reaching pagoda tree toward an earth that never comes. - P339

They are graceful as birds flitting across a swaying bamboo forest, quick as mantises leaping across a dew-dappled web, impossible as the immortals of legends whispered by hoarse-voiced bards in teahouses. - P341

I will become a great thief, I tell myself. I will steal my life back from you. - P342

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"좋아, 얘들아." 내가 말한다. "적의 적은 나의 친구랬어. 아스트로파지가 너희들의 적이라면, 난 너희들의 친구야." - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P339

인간의 두뇌란 소프트웨어 도구를 모아놨더니 어쩌다가 생긴 기능적 단위와 비슷하다. 각 ‘기능’은 어떤 구체적인 문제를 해결해 우리의 생존 확률을 높인, 임의의 돌연변이로서 추가된 것이다.
다시 말해, 인간의 두뇌는 엉망진창이다. 진화의 모든 것이 엉망진창이다. 그러므로 나는 에리디언들도 임의의 돌연변이로 이루어진 엉망진창일 거라고 생각한다. - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P449

우와. 타우세티계의 우주선에 앉아서, 방금 만난 지능이 있는 외계인들이 우리의 대화를 이어가 주기만 기다리고 있는데… 지루하다니. 인간에게는 비정상적인 것을 받아들여 정상적인 것으로 만드는 놀라운 능력이 있다. - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P350

"제가 여기에 온 건 그저 예의를 지키기 위해서입니다." 스트라트가 말했다. "아예 올 필요가 없었어요. 하지만 소프트웨어 산업계와 특허 괴물, 그 외에 지적재산권과 관련된 모든 사람이 뭉쳐 단 한 번의 소송을 제기하기로 했으니, 이 법정에 나오는 것이 애초에 싹을 잘라버릴 가장 빠른 방법이라고 생각했던 겁니다." - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P430

아스트로파지는 양성자들을 서로 부딪쳐 중성미자 두 개를 쌍으로 만들어낸다. 이런 반응이 일어나려면 양성자들은 두 중성미자의 질량에너지보다 높은 운동에너지로 충돌해야 한다. 중성미자의 질량에서부터 역산해 보면 그 양성자들이 충돌하는 속도를 구할 수 있다. 그리고 한 물체 내의 입자속도를 알면 그 물체의 온도를 알 수 있다. 중성미자를 만들어내기에 충분한 운동에너지를 보유하려면 양성자들은 섭씨 96.415도여야 한다. - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P499

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Without any relations to be sold with her, Anna was a solitary being, connected to no one and nothing in the world. - P108

Yet Anna knew differently. She had a mother. Not one she’d known, but one Anna was certain she was meant to know. One sentence of Anna’s history had managed to pass from one seller and owner to another. - P108

It was deep and large, stretching from her shoulder almost clear to her elbow in one straight line. At the top of the line, on her shoulder, were two smaller scars that came together to make the point of an arrow’s head, pointing north like the needle on a compass. As this was Anna’s only link to her mother, she concluded that her arrow scar was a message. Directions for where she was meant to find her mother once again. North. She’d cut her daughter so that Anna would always know where she was meant to be—everything else was a temporary stop on the way. - P109

"Each year, on the day Big Tree blooms, we form our Memory Circle to remember the miracle that brought us here and to thank those who came before us. The children of Freewater are the keepers of this story. It’s for them to tell you." - P121

"Since that day we’ve welcomed forty-three newcomers and twenty-one children born here in Freewater." - P125

"Today we celebrate by eating the berries and acorns of Big Tree, just as we did that first day," - P125

Mrs. Light said she’d chosen her uncommon first name of Mrs. to inspire the respect she felt she was due and Light for what she felt in freedom. - P130

She couldn’t believe how terribly Remembering Day had turned out. That very morning she’d awakened with a tingling dream and now it was ending with a painful reminder that adventure would never find her, at least not as long as her mother had any say in the matter. - P132

Knotted branch-arms came from the trunk, two big root-legs bulged from the tree’s bottom, and a shower of shaggy hair-leaves covered the branches. From them hung small white flowers and acorns. - P136

FIRE SPEAKS. IT STARTS OUT MURMURING, puffing, and sputtering: a whisper over the noise of silence. It searches for air and voice. - P139

NORA STOOD ON HER FATHER’S CREAKY CEDAR library ladder. The smell of whale-oil polish mixed with the musty scent of old books. On tiptoes she reached for a plain green, cloth-covered book. - P142

After all, that’s what an octopus would do. - P142

"Your lucky number must be eight," her father used to joke. "’Cuz your mark is just like the eight legs of an octopus." She’d pulled him to the library and motioned for him to show her. He’d obliged and shown her a drawing in one of his books. Sure enough he was right. An oval-shaped octopus head marked her temple, and from it sprang eight curving marks. Two that stretched to her left eyebrow, another three that unwound along her cheekbone, and another three that traveled down her jawline. The image was so exact that some might have considered it a talisman, a unique mark for a unique person. But that was not the case for Nora. That bit of strawberry had set the path for her upbringing. - P45

First she read the entire book her father had shown her about sea creatures. Soon she knew that the octopus was highly intelligent, able to hide in plain sight and sneak into just about any space. It was mischievous. Nora liked to think that she could be all of those things. Perhaps she was an octopus. - P46

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블립A가 우주에서 빙빙 돌고 있다. 빙글빙글 회전한다. 아마 헤일메리호와 정확히 같은 속도로 회전하고 있을 것이다. 내가 원심분리기를 회전시키자, 이게 또 한 번의 의사소통이라고 생각한 듯하다. - <프로젝트 헤일메리>, 앤디 위어 - 밀리의 서재
https://www.millie.co.kr/v3/bookDetail/0640a79532db4a78 - P324

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