Flipped (Paperback, 미국판) - 영화 '플립' 원작
Van Draanen, Wendelin / Ember / 2003년 5월
평점 :

The best of reading books is how you can relate to the characters.

Since Flipped shows both inside the heads of Juliana and Bryce it's really easy to relate to both of them.

Juliana is a lovely girl so full of life. She knows how to love nature and express her feelings.

She falls in love with Bryce the first day she meets him.

However, Bryce is a bit afraid of Juliana and runs away from her the minute he can.

It takes some time for Bryce to realize what a wonderful girl Juliana is. He's lucky to have a great grandfather to coach him.

It's strange how you can 'flip' in seconds. It's out of your control. It just happens.

The author discreetly shows how people can be so snobbish and smug.(especially Bryce's dad)

It's a rare trait to recognize good character in a person.

I think the best thing schools can do is build the capacity of kids to figure out good personalities.

Bryce realizes his friend Garrett, girls like Shelly and Miranda are phonies.

Of course people never really get to know the real person unless they make an effort.

If you look past appearances, you will be able to find new friends and relationships.

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